July 27, 2022

Growing your hair out can be a lengthy process for both men. One needs to give proper time and research which products are suitable for hair growth. With time, the products available in the local markets are being loaded with chemicals that are harmful to the scalp and can stunt hair growth. Therefore, they do not give fruitful results in the long run, and a person’s dream of achieving long and thick hair remains unfulfilled. However, it is entirely wrong to state that no hair growth products in the market can bear productive results. If a person does proper research, they will find a few hair growth products for men that are widely acclaimed for showing results. One such product for hair growth is Minoxidil 5%.


Minoxidil 5% is known for promoting hair growth in men. However, there are some other products in the market as well. We will help men to learn more about the products and choose one for their hair type.


Best Hair Growth Products for Men in the Market in 2022

Sometimes, problems like hair loss, hair thinning, and no hair regrowth in men can crop up due to underlying health issues. Therefore, it is essential to consult a doctor and understand the reason for such hair problems before opting for a product. A doctor can also help choose which product will work best to treat the hair problems a man faces. Most hair care experts recommend using minoxidil 5% to treat almost every hair problem in men. It is a topical treatment that is known for showing results rapidly.


Here are a few hair growth products for men that are available in the market in 2022 that one should try if they are suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, bald patches, premature greying of hair, etc.:


1.   Manmatters Growmax Minoxidil 5% Solution with Procapil

Minoxidil 5% is a topical hair medicine used to treat hair loss problems and promotes hair regrowth in men in less time. This product stimulates the hair follicles to grow strong and thick hair in areas experiencing baldness or thinning. It also allows blood flow to the scalp, which quickens the hair growth process. Regular blood flow is significant to having solid and beautiful hair. Men should use minoxidil 5% as a topical treatment for hair growth. Buy minoxidil 5% online and see the product’s benefits for yourself.


2.   Kerastase Initialiste Serum

This serum helps the scalp stay clean and free from excess oil build-up. Hair growth is possible only when the scalp is clean and free from all kinds of dirt accumulated over time. When a man uses Kerastase Initialiste Serum consistently, he will experience hair growth in areas that were getting bald. Therefore, one should focus on achieving a clean scalp if one wants strong and thick hair to grow back.


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3.   Nioxin

Nioxin is a hair care kit that includes a cleanser, scalp revitaliser, and scalp treatment. The products help to remove excess sebum from the scalp that might clog the pores and restrict the growth of hair in men. In addition, the scalp treatment product has antioxidants that help to keep the scalp clean and free from toxins, thus promoting hair growth.


4.   Manmatters Minoxifin

This product also has minoxidil 5%, which allows blood flow and oxygen flow to the scalp, which promotes hair growth in men. In addition, ManMatters Minoxifin has minoxidil and finasteride, a topical solution for hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss. The products provide all the nutrients that the scalp needs to grow thick and strong hair.


5.   Rogaine

This is a popular hair loss treatment solution for men as it contains minoxidil. Rogaine Foam is a hair regrowth solution for men experiencing hair thinning or baldness. It keeps the scalp clean, promotes blood flow, and allows the hair follicles to breathe. Using the product consistently will help men to witness hair regrowth on the scalp.


6.   Pura D’or

This hair fall prevention shampoo stimulates the follicles to grow thick and strong hair. It is rich in biotin and niacin, specially formulated to promote hair growth in men. Pura D’or shampoo also stops hair fall in men if used consistently. In addition, one can use the product if they want to see strong hair grow back in areas where they are experiencing thinning and other hair problems.


These are the six best hair growth products for men in 2022. Men can research more about them and choose a product they think is suitable for their hair problems. While we have quite a few products specially formulated to promote hair regrowth, nothing can substitute the effectiveness of minoxidil 5%. The product is widely believed to stimulate hair regrowth in men, so doctors recommend its use. Many hair care experts and men who deal with such products also advise using minoxidil 5% because it has a lot of pros.


Only one thing should be ensured before you start using it, and that is the advice of a dermatologist. Although the product is dermatologically tested, one should always go for precaution. A patch test is also recommended instead.

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