Are Herbal Medicines Effective ?

Are Herbal medicines effective for your health

For over many centuries, herbal medicines are curing people and maintaining their healthy lifestyle. People over the centuries have been dependent on these herbal medicines for their well-being and healthy lifestyle. Some plant ingredients when used in medicine, this is called herbal medicine.

Despite so much advancement in the pharmaceutical department, herbal medicines didn’t lose its craze as it is still in very much demand across many countries like India, China, and Japan.

The powerful ingredients present in these medicines are as powerful as components present in pharmaceutical medications. These pharmaceutical medicines are man-made versions of these herbs, which might result in some kind of side effect.

The herbal medicine department is earning $60 billion annually which is amazing. These are considered as the natural healer of any kind of problem occurring in our body, and they are.

Herbal medicines are ever more effective than these man-made medications and luckily much cheaper when compared to these pharmaceutical medications. Herbs contain some active ingredients in them which is responsible for curing any injury or illness.

There are many herbs of which active ingredient is still unknown. Make sure you are wiping your hands with Disinfectants and Wipes before consuming any foreign particle.

Many pharmaceutical medicines are driving their important ratio from these herbs only. The active ingredients of these herbs can be harmful also if taken without any prescription.

So, there is a big question which revolves in our mind, are herbal medicines effective for your health? This article is solely about this question. Yes, they are very much effective for your health, how?

You will get to know this soon in the article. This article will pinpoint some common points which will clear that herbal medicines are effective for your health.

Are Herbal Medicines Effective for Your Health?

Well, as we have mentioned above, herbal medicines are effective for your health. There are some ingredients present in herbs that can directly affect our immune system and make it stronger.

Make sure you are disinfecting it with a Fogger Machine to make it safe for your health. Some herbs are used in medications which still is affecting your health in a good way. Some herbs are majorly used in curing any injury or illness in the human body and they are mentioned below.

10 Herbs that improve your health

In this section, we will be listing about 9 herbs that directly improve our health. Let’s start.

1.    Echinacea

It is one of the most popular herbal remedies which is also known as coneflower. Echinacea originated from America and now it is distributed all around the world. The herb is so famous as it is one of the finest medicines to stimulate the immune system and helps our body to fight against foreign particles.

It is also used in treating a variety of accidental injuries like wounds, burns, toothaches, upset stomachs, sore throat, and many more. The whole plant can be used as medicine including roots which is very much effective.  Nowadays, Echinacea is majorly used for treating fever. Cold and to improve one’s immunity.

2.    Ginseng

The roots of this herb are generally used to treat fatigue caused when recovering from illness. These roots are generally stepped to make tea which is full of multivitamins and other essential ingredients. You can also dry the roots and make powder which can be used to cure many illnesses and increase immunity.

Ginseng also contains some special ingredients that can be used to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol level, cure brain illness, and boosts immunity. There are two important varieties of ginseng found that are American and Asian Ginseng. American Ginseng normally called Panax ginseng is used to cultivate relaxation while Asian ginseng which is normally called Panax ginseng is used for raising immunity and stimulating.

Although research is continuously in progress on this herb, studies have shown that there is a special compound in this herb called ginsenosides which directly affects brain function and works as an anticancer agent. The regular use of ginseng is considered to be safe but the long-term use of this herb is still under doubt. In most cases, we have seen that continuous use of ginseng can result in increased blood pressure and some heart problems.

3.    Ginkgo Biloba

Maidenhair tree is the source of this herb and is commonly known as Ginkgo. It is a Chinese medicine that is used in curing poor blood circulation and tinnitus (ringing in the ear). It is one of the top-selling herbal medicines today and contains a variety of special antioxidant ingredients that can be very effective for our well-being.

The leaves of this Ginkgo herb are used to make tinctures which are used in curing many ailments like heart diseases, sexual dysfunction, mental difficulties, and dementia. Some of the benefits of this herb are yet to be proven, also the herb is found to be a bit toxic so it is advisable to consume it in small quantities. There are some side-effects of this herb which depend on person to person.

Some common side effects include heart palpitations, skin reaction, headache, digestive issues, and other small ailments. Thus, it is recommended to consume this medicine only under the doctor’s guidance.

4.    Elderberry

The medicine is a cooked fruit of the Sambucus nigra plant. It is one of the most ancient herbal medicines which is highly effective in curing headaches, toothaches, nerve pain, viral infection, and cold. The herb is one of the most important medicines supplied all around the world for flu and the common cold. This herbal medicine is available in syrup or lozenge.

The herb contains some special anti-oxidants that are essentially required to increase the immunity of a human being. Some studies show that the herb is also beneficial for patients suffering from constipation. Doctors suggest that it should be taken along with honey and ginger to make it more effective. The anti-viral properties of this herb make it one of the most effective medicines to cure flu and cold. It is suggested to continue the dosage of this medicine for a short period. If not effective, stop consuming and take the doctor’s prescription.

5.    St. John’s Wort

Are Herbal medicines effective for your health


This herbal remedy is derived from a small yellow flowery plant whose scientific name is Hypericum perforatum. The remedy available is tablets, syrups, and capsules. It is one of the most ancient used herbal medicines which is majorly used for patients suffering from insomnia, lung and kidney diseases, and depression.

The herb has some anti-depressants ingredients that can cure any mild to moderate type of depression. The data present and the research work done on this herb are still less thus there are many question marks on its effectiveness. But, some patients who have been diagnosed with this medicine found it very effective and lifesaving.

It ultimately hit the most vulnerable part of the brain which is responsible for giving us suicidal thoughts and heals it completely. The herb is a common ingredient of many birth control, antidepressants, and pain medicines because of the particular special ingredients present in it. Still, there are some side effects of this herb and therefore it is recommended to consume it only under a doctor’s guidance.

6.    Turmeric

Here comes the best, most common, and most effective herb – Turmeric. This herb belongs to the ginger family and for thousands of years, it is one of the most important parts of our food and kitchen. Turmeric has some special anti-inflammatory properties because of the curcumin present in it. It is highly prescribed by doctors if you are suffering from chronic inflammation, pain, or anxiety.

The extracts from ginger have also been used in many important medications like ibuprofen which are important medicines used to heal alleviating arthritis pain. They are safe and easy to use. But make sure you are not taking high doses of turmeric because it can lead to headaches, skin irritation, and diarrhea.

7.    Ginger

It is also one of the most common herbs which are readily available in our kitchens. It is generally used to make your tea tastier, but it has some more benefits which you aren’t aware of. Ginger is from over thousands of years as it is very much effective to treat cold, nausea, migraines, and other such problems. The effectiveness of this herb has been scientifically proven.

It also contains some special extracts which are very helpful for heart diseases, anti-cancer, and immunity booster. You can also use this herb to clot blood and helps reduce the risk of blood clot formation. You can also take this herb if you suffer from motion sickness and morning sickness.

8.    Valerian

Are Herbal medicines effective for your health

This herb is majorly used to provide a sense of calmness in the body. The herb was majorly used during ancient Greece. It is also effective in headaches, heart palpitations, tremors, and other such problems. It is one of the most important drugs used in insomnia medicines. If consumed in large amounts, it can give some side effects like headaches and lack of sleep. Also, make sure you are not consuming this medicine regularly as it can be addictive too.

9.    Chamomile

It is the most popular herbal medicine in the world. It is one of the most effective remedies for urinary tract infection, wounds, stomach pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory infection, stomach-related problem, and many more. If consumed in high amounts, it can also lead to allergies and other side effects. In this herb, studies have also found some strains of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.

10.  Garlic

Are Herbal medicines effective for your health

Garlic is also one herb that can be easily found in our kitchen. It is used for the treatment of heart diseases and reducing bad cholesterol. It has some antibiotic and antiviral properties which can prove to be very effective for our health.

Some precautions for using herbal medicines.

Herbal medicines are very effective and healthy for our health, no doubt, but if consumed in the wrong manner, they can be harmful too. You should consult any specialists before consuming these herbal medicines.

We assume that all the herbs are safe and healthy, but it is not. Some herbs are toxic too and instead of being healthy, they can deteriorate our health. You should know what you are taking and in what quantity. Ask for the proper dosage from the doctor and then consume it. Also, make sure that you are not taking any herbal medicines at the same time.

Herbal medicines when taken all along might prove to be unhealthy for you instead of bringing health. Make sure you are taking scientifically proven herbal medicines and under proper guidance.

The next point to consider is quality. Yes, make sure that these herbal medicines are of utmost quality because they can be harmful and are consumed in bad quality.

Always make sure that you are not interacting with other medications with herbal medicines. They can be very harmful to your body and might take you in a very serious position. Apart from many side effects, they can damage your organs. Thus, make sure the quantity, quality, and what you are taking. Here are some important points which you need to consider before purchasing herbal medicines.

  • Never take any medicine which is not prescribed by the doctor.
  • Always tell your doctor that you are starting a new course of this and that herbal medicines.
  • Check the quality of the product and read the ingredient carefully.
  • Make sure that none of the herbal medicines might affect any of your allergies or anything.
  • Be more cautious if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

These were all the points which you should make while purchasing herbal medicines. Yes, no doubt herbal medicines are very much effective for your health and you also have learned this from the herbs mentioned above. If taken properly, they can uplift your body and make it healthier. Thus, make sure that you are consulting any doctor before making any decision. Now you know about herbal medicines, so comment down your favorite one.

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