March 18, 2021

Wanting to have a long life and attain your dream body is a common aspiration to many. Who doesn’t? However, it’s not an easy thing to do. It would help if you worked hard for it. It would be best if you spent a lot of time working out and injecting the proper nutrients and supplements into your body.

However, if you want faster results, you need to educate yourself about the right supplements you need to take. This way, this will help you achieve your dream body or enjoy your long, happy life. Thus, one of these supplements is micronized creatine. But it’s best to first understand what creatine means.

Creatine Explained

Creatine is a molecule of major importance for energy production in muscles. Indeed, it is a reliable indicator of your kidney’s condition. When it’s high, it means that your kidney is in trouble or has been impaired for a long period.

Micronized Creatine Explained

On the other hand, micronized creatine is a creatine that has units up to 20 times smaller or so than normal creatine. It consists of very fine creatine particles that are absorbed quickly by your intestines.

This micronized creatine has proven itself for so long a time to be one of the most effective supplements for improving one’s performance during intense workouts and physical activities. Typically, one exerts so much effort through one’s bones when one exercises, thereby straining the body too much.

So if you’re a fitness buff, the good news is that creatine slows down the loss of bone mass as you age and despite utilizing your bones’ strength for a long time.  For more reason, if it’s micronized. Amazingly, this is only one of its benefits when you work out. Other benefits are listed below to wit:


Ability To Do Workouts Optimally

Usually, you get tired easily after strenuous exercise. And even if your workout routine is not yet done, you call it a day already. Consequently, it wastes all your time preparing for the gym. But when you boost your creatine, you gain the ability to do workouts optimally. You finish your routine like doing abs and waist workout or legs and arms routine without feeling tired.

Thus, it’s highly recommended to enhance your creatine by consuming the right amount of micronized creatine in the form of a supplement, even if it’s the cheapest option. The price won’t matter since creatine supplements are already proven and tested for their positive effects.

Helps Build Muscles

Some indeed say that when you don’t use your muscles, you lose them. Thus, the opposite is true. When you use your muscles, you don’t lose them. You help them build. And muscle-building and even bodybuilding are only some of the best effects of creatine.

Further, studies have shown that when you supplement your high-intensity workout with creatine, you double your strength and lean muscle, one thing that can never be achieved when exercising or training alone.

Enhances Athletic Performance

Athletes’ training and workouts are always highly-intense to increase their stamina, strength, and energy during competitions and tournaments. Thus, taking creatine supplements is indispensable in their routine. Evidence shows that creatine is a huge factor in the body’s energy production. Therefore, with increased energy, athletes can work and even achieve more than usual.

Moreover, it boosts the effect of resistance training and increases your speed. It likewise develops endurance, which is very crucial in every match or tournament.

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Aids Resist Fatigue

Of course, athletes and bodybuilders, and any fitness buff experience fatigue after a hard training and intense workout. And for apparent reasons, fatigue does no good to these fitness buffs’ and your body. Its effects are adverse and will sometimes lead to disturbing and serious illness. Thus, creatine must be present in your body to aid it in resisting fatigue.

Helps Repair Muscles After An Injury

It’s common knowledge that every person who engages in a high-intensity workout experiences injury, especially when a said person stretches his body too much without realizing its implications to his body. When that happens, muscles become too strained and too difficult to be repaired.

Thus, creatine prevents this from happening. Even if your body is injured, creatine still has its way to hasten the recovery of your muscle tissues. Further, using creatine during rehabilitations or recovery periods after an injury can improve muscle tissues’ ability to effectively create energy and prevent fatigue.

Boosts Mental Performance

Your mental performance is crucial in every aspect of your life, whether you’re simply reading something, presenting a report, playing a game, or even while working out. During workouts and in joining classes of different exercise routines, you need to be more alert to catch up with the routine.

Thus, the need for creatine. Researches found that creatine enhances one’s working memory and increases sharpness and intelligence.


Creatine does a lot of good to your body especially, when you’re hitting the gym or just doing home exercises. It will surely help you achieve your dream life and body. You need only to religiously consume the same to experience its positive effects.

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