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September 21, 2018

4 Natural Ways to Control your Blood Sugar Quick and Naturally.

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In a recent Study Conducted by American Heart association it was recommended that 6 tablespoon of sugar for woman and 9 tablespoon sugar for men was sufficient for a day. And it was also found that due to our eating habits and a craving for taste in each and everything that we eat, we might be eating close to 22 table spoons of sugar a day. This addiction is a major cause of elevated blood sugar levels.

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This excess sugar is leading our generation to various diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, premature ageing, weight gain, candida and lot more, so it has become an emergency situation to control and limit the sugar intake as much as possible. People now a days tend to use artificial sweeteners liquid/tables to avoid direct sugar to control your blood sugar, but that is also not safe as this contains various toxic chemicals and is not recommended as a sugar supplement in a long run.

Here are some suggestions for making good habits and controlling the sugar cravings:

Give your body what it really needs, not what it wants.

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Research shows that humans like sweets more than any other flavor, and healthy foods like nuts, berry’s, legumes, sweet potato, kale, cabbage, fresh fruit, grapes, broccoli can help you when the desire for sugar spikes.

Drink Ionized Alkaline Mineral Water and lower your blood sugar

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Mineral alkaline water contains antioxidants and minerals which creates a craving to drink more pure water. This longer use of mineral alkaline water will have a effect of sweets to become too sweet for your taste, and making them less appealing to your taste buds. This will lead to reduced sweet cravings, Mineral alkaline water is proven to be very detoxifying for the body and may help flush out diseases like Candida. You can also try and do this, replace your one sugary beverage like soda for a glass of water, this way you will take in about 45 less grams of sugar and you will stay cool and hydrated. this simple change of drinking water will help you lower down your blood sugar.

Control the Temptation

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You can meditate and take control of your thought and temptations about eating sugar or junk foods, as day by day our society gets educated people are inclined towards eating less but healthy food. You should remember and also try to read labels of packed foods to stay updated and keep check of their contents. Remember you are stronger than your tongue and are ale to control your blood sugar.

Sugar and Hormones

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Studies have found that the stress level in our body is related to high blood sugar levels, as stress creates a chemical in body called cortisol, which increases blood sugar levels and creates sugar cravings. Meditation can help keep your stress level down and also benefiting you with a low sugar craving. You can also start eating small and frequent meals, take enough and good sleep, and exercise daily.

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