Main Factors to Assess your Level of Fitness
March 30, 2020

One of the most important factors for consideration when you have opted for a stringent workout regimen alongside diet is regular fitness assessments. These evaluations will enable you and your trainer to understand how far you have progressed from the start and whether you need to bring about changes in your exercise routines.

Some of the salient factors are discussed below so that you know exactly what to look for while measuring your level of fitness. This should be done with the guidance of your personal trainer in London or at other locations.


The body composition is referring to the level of fat, muscles, bones and other elements of the body. The body composition plays a crucial role in the determination of the strength to weight ratio that can help everyday activities with better overall performance.

Cardiovascular health

This deals with the respiratory and circulatory systems, that provide oxygen during and after the workout; it enables one to understand their lung capacity for better performance. There are targeted workouts that can help one achieve their best for their fitness goals.


This term is mostly used in conjunction with joints; although there are no set ways to measure your joint flexibility, stretches can give you a fair idea of motion variations of the joints. Not just that, the flexibility of the motions will also be coordinated with the rest of the body movements, which is extremely important during workouts with your personal trainer in London for optimal health and fitness.

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Performance speed

The performance speed can be checked with various activities such as running, swimming, etc. Speed is a very important factor to consider when it comes to determining how well a participant can function under stress, and in this case, during strenuous workouts.


Power is measured by the muscles to exert a force on an object or something during training. As the main characteristic of power is strength and force, it is always measured by the kind of motion one has while playing a sport or during the workout.

Muscular fitness

Muscular fitness shows your endurance levels for various groups of muscles in the body. The better muscular fitness of an individual enables them to be energetic for their daily chores and tasks.


Strength is the force that you exert on the body. The best levels can be achieved through rigorous exercises. Strength training is also known as resistance training and improves body mechanics.

These are the main factors that are considered when checking your health and fitness levels. Health assessments are conducted regularly when you choose to work with professional trainers. It is often difficult to find good dedicated personal trainers; the trainer will ensure that you are working on the right exercise to reach your fitness goals. It is prudent to work alongside with your personal trainer in London, and at other locations to get the best body and also to ensure that you are as fit as you can get with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and nutritional intake.

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