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April 16, 2020


It is quite a paradox. As the hot weather of summer approaches we tend to look outside more, but the reality of humidity and heat forces us to do the opposite, stay inside instead. While everyone associates poor air quality with car exhausts, smoggy days, or industrial pollution, the truth is that our indoor air quality often is worse than the outside air quality.

As reported by EPA: “On average Americans spend approximately 90% of their time on indoor ambient. These environments are 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor spaces.

So when we consider these statistics, it makes us not only take care of the outdoor air quality but also to make sure our indoor air quality is as good as possible. In order to achieve this, there are several options. Let’s just examine some of the smartest ways to improve indoor air quality.

Install a whole-house air purifier

The HVAC system is considered by many to be a two-sided sword. Often our air conditioning and central heating system can be at the root of problems, especially if mold or dirt has gotten inside of them. Your HVAC system, with the addition of a new home air purifier, can serve as the centre of your air quality improvement project.

  • Reduce pollen, animal dander and dust. By reducing all these airborne irritants you most certainly will avoid triggers and allergies.
  • Outdoor chemical emissions must be removed. You will enjoy fresher air throughout all your spaces by eliminating those chemicals.

A whole air purifier can provide real benefits to improve your health and home’s air quality. Also it may not be as expensive as you think.

Keep your filters clean

Your HVAC system that you are currently using, even without adding a whole-home air purifier, can probably do more to keep your air fresher than you thought. But it’s important to create a habit of changing the air filters regularly.  But an investment can make a big difference as well.

And the other thing, do not forget air filters in your home too. Consider stepping up to HEPA quality bags to cut down on particulate distribution and dust, if you haven’t changed the bag of your vacuum cleaner. Likewise, make sure the filters are changed on a regular basis.

Clean your ducts

Your HVAC system’s ducts which are inside your home, are one of the major sources of indoor air pollutant. Your ducts can be a repository for dust, dirt, animal dander, mold and much more. In case you have an older home, you should consider how many years your ducts may have been harboring the sources of airborne pollution.

To have your home’s HVAC flexible ducting professionally inspected and cleaned on a regular basis is one of the smartest solutions. The cleaning will reduce the pollutants in your home and will distribute air more efficiently, thus saving you money as well.

Keep Controlling Humidity on Your Home

As we know, the levels of humidity outside in summer are high. That affects the moisture levels on the inside of your house too. 

When the air in your home is moist, there is a chance that the mold will grow. And exposure to mold can affect our healthy life. Controlling the humidity in your home is important for a lot of reasons. You can do it using portable dehumidifiers. But using these dehumidifiers requires changing their containers regularly. A smart alternative is dehumidifying your whole home by installing an air filter for mold. 

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Keep Bathroom Ventilators Clean


To remove the moisture and the growth of mold you have to use ventilators. However, these ventilators can sometimes be filled with dust – thus, they can’t operate how they should. Make sure to clean the dust of the ventilators. If your existing fan doesn’t help you with cleaning moisture out of the bathroom, you should consider changing it to one that works properly for your bathroom.

Make Sure to Improve the Kitchen Ventilation


There is a saying that the kitchen is the heart of a home. But have you ever wondered that the kitchen is one of the causes of indoor pollution too? When cooking with a gas stove, there is a chance to increase the levels of pollutants. But, how to improve kitchen air-conditioning? 

  • Range hood fans should be used adequately and efficiently. Make it a principle to turn it on when you start cooking.
  • Open a window. If you feel that you need extra ventilation, you should always open a window.  
  • Try using an air purifier. A quality air filter can remove all the particulates in the air and can be a smart investment for your kitchen and your home.


You Should Clean Your House Regularly


You should not just invest in air purifiers but you have to keep the house clean too. Dust, allergens, and other specks of dirt will fall on your home floor, carpets, and other surfaces. 

The old-fashioned way of cleaning is the solution. Carpets, floors, and furniture should be part of your cleaning routine. Making a cleaning routine will help you remove the pollutants from your home. 


A Healthy and a Happy Home


Your home is the place we can sort of run away from the everyday challenges. That is why you have to make sure to keep it clean and healthy. Making a cleaning routine, upgrading the HVAC system can surely help you maintain a healthy and happy home.


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