November 13, 2020

H1: The Ultimate Home Gym Guide

Meta: If you prefer working out from home, then a home gym is essential. However, the big task lies in where to put up one, how to build it, and what to include. With all these factors to consider, how should an ideal home gym look like?

Just what I needed for my weight loss journey!

Reasons for Setting up a Home Gym

Before we can even head to the tips, you should ask yourself the big question – why should you set you a home gym? Here are the reasons:

  • Convenience. The most crucial reason for beginning the hunt for home gym ideas is the convenience that you will enjoy when you have one. The gym has got many different people, and some of them can upset you during your routine. You might have to wait until when the machines are free so that you can hop in and so your reps, or have to cope with the guys who want to show off their gains.
  • Privacy. Working out is personal. You have your goals and reasons for exercising, and no matter the way you want to do the sets, it is about your body. Depending on which home gym design ideas that you have, you will enjoy the privacy of doing a thing at your own pace and with the intensity that you desire.
  • Save. The monthly payments or subscriptions of the local gym can prove costly in the long run if you correctly sit down and analyze your expenses. Remember, you might miss a couple of days if you get urgent matters to attend to since that time to rush there won’t be available. Setting up a home gym will assure you no costs as all.
  • Discipline. Similar to those folks who own pools, there is no reason to miss your swimming routine. With home gym accessories at your disposal, you have to get out of bed, put on your attire, and you’ll be good to go. It creates discipline in your routine since it is easily accessible.

Rules for Having a Home Gym

The rules of having a home gym setup are essential for a homeowner. The set of regulations to follow include:

  1. Hygiene. Ensure that the gym area is always clean by dusting the weights and mopping and sweeping the floor.
  2. Maintenance. After a while, about a month or so, be keen to check your equipment’s condition to avoid any injuries during workouts.
  3. Be cautious. Stay away from dangerous situations such as overloading weights on a barbell when lifting if you have no partner to give you support.
  4. Share. You should bring in your partner, family member, or neighbor so that you can motivate and push each other to the limits.
  5. Be responsible. Track your progress, know your strengths and weaknesses, and have a list of your favorite exercises so that you can know what to do upon getting there.
  6. Research and improve. You should aspire to grow with time, so researching the kind of improvements you can make with your space is essential.

Tips and Tricks

Now it all comes down to the tricks that you have to execute the perfect home gym. For you to come up with the ideal home gym, then you should consider the following;

1.      Exercise

When you want to start up your home gym, the primary consideration is the list of exercises you’re used to doing or the ones you fancy. If you prefer exercising your legs, then the first thought should have enough space to do your squats and lunges comfortably. If you’re into yoga, then you will have to get some free space that will allow you to do your stretches and poses without worry safely. Exercises generally dictate the entire design of the gym since you will have to consider them.

2.      Space

Did you know that a home gym small space can still work for you? Space matters and the area that you are working with is essential. If you have a small space, then the room will dictate how you will structure the gym. However, if you have more space, you’ll have the freedom to structure the gym to your liking. Small spaces will work if you stuff your things in corners to create room for exercise.

I need a couple more weights, and I’ll complete the setting!

3.      Equipment and Gear

Why should you call it a gym if you have no home gym equipment? Well, it is with these inclusions that you get to execute your exercises and get the space’s whole setting. If you prefer running, then a treadmill should come through. If you’re into arm exercises, then dumbbells are necessary, and an Olympic bar and weights will be ideal for those who enjoy leg and back days. Protective gear, as well as training ones, are of importance. A workout outfit, weightlifting belt, gloves, a water bottle, etc., will be necessary during the exercises.

4.      Supplements

You’ll require some boost to reach your goals ultimately. Supplements, specifically the ones cleared by IOC, FDA, and Nutrition Board, will effectively give you results and fasten your performance and recovery period. Products such as the best caffeine pills will hike your energy giving you muscle endurance through the exercises. When you have supplements in your home gym, then you will have great results.

5.      Lighting

The home gym lighting is of great importance. Preference should be given to natural lighting – you get to see what you’re doing and quickly find your way around the gym. That’s very important both for safety and to have a vision of your form and postures during workouts. Similarly, having home gym mirrors comes through when doing the same, and it makes it easier for you to get that drive as you see the contraction of muscles and what you are doing.

6.      Storage

To enjoy ample space in your home gym, ensure that the format that you choose for storage is smart. Get a rack for your dumbbells, which you should place along the wall to avoid any interruption of movements around the gym. Hanging your weight plates on the squat rack can also be a good hack as you won’t have to place them down or anywhere else.

7.      Budget

No matter how many things you’d want to buy or whatever design you have in mind, the budget will dictate everything. Don’t be hard on yourself, though; you should start with the essentials as you progress with adding a thing or two as you grow. If you have enough funds, you can make a complete makeover and have your home gym in no time.

8.      Motivation

You have to line up a couple of motivational additions to take you through the routines. Things such as music to cheer you up and keep your adrenaline kicking or playing sports motivational podcasts will encourage you to do more, which will push you to become better. However, different things work for different people, so ensure that you do it your way for maximum results.

I do enjoy the privacy in my home!

9.      Inclusions

Please do not make it all about yourself because, at some point, you will need someone with you in the home gym. Whether it’s your partner, family, or friends, bring them in to share their different variations of exercises, the time you, or assist you in the routines. Having people around gives you comfort and creates an excellent exercising atmosphere.

10.  Safety

Workouts should be all about safety to avoid any sorts of injuries, and a home gym should closely observe this aspect. Properly storing your weights, switching off any machines that use electricity, and making room for properly executing exercises is very important. For the safety of that particular space, getting home gym rubber flooring will keep your actual flooring safe from the shock and impact that happens when weights get dropped. Wear all the safety gear required for specific exercises to avoid inflicting harm to your body.


Having a home gym can help you keep your momentum even if your local gym happens to shut down. Knowing the dos and don’ts and effectively using the tips and tricks to come up with an ideal home gym will significantly help. Always ensure that you have the equipment needed and observe safety at all times.

Are you planning to build a home gym? Where will it be? What type of equipment are you planning to get? Which exercises do you fancy? Leave a comment!

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