air filter removing Carbon Dioxide
July 22, 2021

It is believed by a lot of people that their homes are the safest places they can be at, however the truth is something else and it is shockingly surprising. The fact that your homes have more harmful particles than outside is a scary one and that is why you need more protection inside your homes than you need outside.

Apart from the multiple minuscule particles which pose a threat to your health, the amount of Carbon Dioxide which is released by not just you but even by the plants during night-time is highly dangerous for all the people in your home.

To make sure that Carbon Dioxide does not do any harm to you and your loved ones, experts developed a method to get rid of Carbon Dioxide by the application of Algae as an effective air filter. Let’s take a quick look at how Algae act as an effective air filter removing Carbon Dioxide from your houses.



Algae are found in a water body and while their appearance resembles that of a plant, they are different from them in a lot of ways. For one, algae do not have the same structure as plants which are found on land because they lack features like phyllids, roots and leaves.

But since they have chloroplast, which enables the plants on earth to photosynthesize their food, they can make their own food just like the plants on land do. Algae belong to the Kingdom Protista and the variety which is used to make air filters is known as Chlorella Vulgaris.

air filter removing Carbon Dioxide


Algae use photosynthesis to get rid of the Carbon Dioxide in your homes. A variant of Algae known as Chlorella Vulgaris is allowed to undergo the process of photosynthesis in order to produce energy by using the Carbon Dioxide of your homes, sunlight and water. The consumption of Carbon Dioxide in order to make energy for itself is what makes Algae remove the Carbon Dioxide from the surroundings of your homes.

Algae use this energy to multiply themselves and this multiplication of their number increases the amount of Carbon Dioxide sequestration in the process. Algae based air purifiers have seen a significant increase in their demands because of their effectiveness, affordability and accessibility.

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Yes, there have been many studies conducted across the globe to test the efficacy of algae against harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, and a majority of those studies showed that Algae are capable of working as an effective remedy for purifying the air of your homes.

After a lot of research, the application of Algae as an air purifier was brought into use by many manufacturers in the United States of America and they made it possible for the general public of America to get a better quality of air by giving them economically feasible air filters.



There is no way that an algae based air filter could be expensive. They make use of the simple technology of photosynthesis in an effective manner and that is why they are cheaper than most of the other air filters available in the market. The prices of algae based air filters may vary depending on the manufacturers, air purifying capacity and their lives.

You can find a lot of highly efficient algae based air filters in the range of $250 to $300. If that amount seems a lot to you, then you must consider the long-term benefits these air filters bring to you once again.

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There are a lot of companies who deliver high quality algae based air purifiers across the globe and it does not matter where you are from, they will deliver what you have asked for in time. One of the most trusted and reliable companies which is known for its contribution in manufacturing high quality air purifiers is AlgenAir and you can purchase the best of their air purifiers at an extremely affordable price. Now, you do not have to necessarily buy from the company mentioned here because that decision is yours to make.


As you can see, by making use of the above-mentioned properties of Algae, one can get rid of the excess amount of Carbon Dioxide from their homes. Also, if you are looking for an Algae based air filter removing Carbon Dioxide from your homes, then you must try one from AlgenAir which has been actively manufacturing some of the best organic air filters in the world. Lastly, it is highly recommended that you get your homes an organic air filter which is certainly going to make it safer for you when you are at your homes.

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