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September 25, 2018

How Much Water to Drink in a Day?

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There are different views of people on exact how much water you should drink every day, while the fact is that water requirements will differ from person to person. There is no such specific measurement that would fit all people, there are some basic guidelines on how much water should be taken. Doctors suggest these keeping in mind a temperate climate.

How much water Men must drink in a day?

About 3.5 liters of water or fluids in a day

How much water Woman must drink ?

2.5 liters of water or fluids in a day

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This is just the minimum of how much water should take, if you exercise, spend time out in dry weather and also consume soda, aerated drinks or your regular medication requires you to consume additional water, then you will need to add more water to your daily dose. The easiest way to maintain your water consumption is to divide the amount of water with the active hours of your day.

How Can I Make Sure I Get Enough Water?

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If you are active for 12 hours and your body needs 4 liters a day, it comes down to just 333 ml (5-6 sips) per hour or 165 ml (2-3 sips) per 30 minutes.This will be easy to maintain and digest. This method can be the easiest calculation if you even increase your active time per day, let’s say sometimes your work wants you to be awake for 16 hours just keep the formula of 2-3 sips every 30 minutes and you are good to go. If you carry water with you and have a way to refill, it will be very easy to stay hydrated.

Some people don’t drink enough water because they don’t like the taste of plain water, or due to a real taste issue that occurs in many areas with tap water. Then you should buy RO water purifier online for your home if you are really facing an issue with your tap water. Bottled water also has its negative impact on you, first it’s not always on time, second you don’t know really how it’s treated and what is the process of packaging and transportation, third it costs you a lot more money per month than owning a water purifier.

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Additionally make it you habit to add more fruits and fresh veggies to you diet as this will contribute to your daily water requirements. Always keep water with you and refill whenever required. These habits will help you stay healthy and hydrated.

How much water is Too Much Water?

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You might try to have too much of anything, but it will be very challenging to have too much water. Because your body has its limits, a healthy persons kidneys can filter 15 liters of water in a day. So it’s unlikely that you could drink too much water at one time. You need to understand your bodily signals, when weather and activity changes it might increase your thirst and you should adapt accordingly. Also if your urine has a foul smell or a slightest yellowish shade you are already dehydrated and need to quickly maintain your body fluid. Less water is a major problem for most of us than more water. If you gulp down too much water at a time, it will make you very uncomfortable and bloated but hopefully it will still be okay than not drinking required amount of water.

What Happens If I Don't Get Enough Water?

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More water will not hurt you but less water will definitely cause lots of problems and diseases that you will be able to notice immediately. Water helps in digestion, maintain body temperature, makes your skin healthier, flushes out toxins, and keeps you full so you don’t over eat, regulates healthy bowel movements, removes back pain, and keeps your eyes, joints and spine lubricated. Even 1% of dehydration will remove all these benefits and you will start to feel tired and fatigued.

Why Dehydration makes you tired?

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Water acts as an important transport source in the body, when body has sufficient amount of water, your heart pump blood more efficiently, blood easily transport oxygen and nutrition to your body cells. This will energize muscles and tissues and prevent cramping. If you often find yourself tired at gym you must drink sufficient water before you hit the gym.

Water will make you awake and alert and also reduce fatigue during exercise. This is the most important benefit of water for people who are often working hard at the gym or involved in other physical activities that stress the body.

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Some people are still living without sufficient hydration but ultimately they don’t feel active and full of life. It is a very good habit to maintain water balance in your body, with practice your overall health will get better. Water gives you an opportunity to take a break and walk around and not just sit at one place. Water is good for you, has many benefits, staying hydrated may be a bit of an exercise but the overall benefits are worth the trouble.

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