How to control diabetes naturally without medication | home remedies for diabetes - remedies one
December 30, 2019
How to control diabetes naturally without medication | home remedies for diabetes - remedies one

Hello Friends, Today, I am Going to Talk About How To Control Diabetes Naturally Diabetes Kam Karne Ke Upay, Control Diabetes Naturally, Diabetes Ke...

How to control diabetes naturally at home

When a person suffers from diabetes that simply means, either their body is not consuming the insulin completely or their body is not producing insulin in enough quantity needed by the human body. Due to this, the glucose accumulates in the blood and the sugar level of blood is increased which leads to diabetes.

Remedies to control diabetes:

Physical activities:

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Physical activity plays an important role in controlling diabetes. A person has to take care of physical activities. If you haven't exercised for a long time you have to start it with easy exercises and for less time. When you see your body adapting exercises you have to increase your exercise time and have to start some intense workout. You have to perform the physical workout for 5/6 days a week and minimum for 40 minutes daily. You have to strictly follow your routine of the physical workout so that your sugar level remains in limit because it crosses its limit it leads to many more diseases and will danger your life.

Weight loss:

Weight loss is also a very important factor for diabetic patients. As you came to know that you are a type2 diabetic patient you have to keep track of your body weight. You have to start all the possible natural activities to lose your body weight. You have to lose your body weight by 10/15 kgs. It is scientifically proven that is you lose your body weight then there must be more chances that you can prevent yourself from being diabetic. If you lose your weight or lose your body fat it will decrease the risk of being diabetic.

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No smoking:

Smoking is very dangerous for the person who is near the danger to be type2 diabetic. In scientific research, it is proven that smoking leads in the tampering of insulin. After smoking insulin doesn’t work properly inside the body and due to which the glucose in the blood increase and due to which sugar level in blood increases and leads to diabetes. It makes the conditions even worst for the person if they smoke. If you smoke you have to leave you this habit completely otherwise this will be very harmful to your life.

Proper sleep:

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From the study of 2007, it is proven that if you are not sleeping properly for enough time so the chances of your being diabetic are increased to a large extent. You must have a sleep of minimum 5/6 hrs to avoid being diabetic.

In today's life it is very common to use a cellphone, play games, watching movies, etc before going asleep and we all know that it is very bad habit for all of us because while doing all these activities we don’t take care of the time and go for sleep very late at night and we all have to go for our work or for schools etc so we have to wake up early in the morning due to which our sleep suffers and we goes closer to the danger of being diabetic. The ideal time for sleeping is 7/8 hrs. But the minimum sleep bust is 5 hours.

If there is any problem with your sleep you must avoid the consumption of caffeine. It is must that you will have the sleep of at-least 5hrs.

Healthy diet:

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You must have to take care of your diet very strictly and consume healthy and sugar-free diet. You have to ignore chicken, red meat, unhealthy fats, burgers, pizza, etc. and have to consume an only healthy diet. All these unhealthy food increases the chance for you to be diabetic. Instead of all these foods, you have to consume fresh fruits and vegetables which have less starch in them such as capsicum, carrot, etc. You have to prefer low calories food instead of high calories food such as low-fat cheese, low-fat milk, low-fat dairy products, etc. You have to focus on the consumption of fruits mainly they are very helpful for you to fight with diabetes.

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic than you have to take care that you can only consume the fruits which do not have the rich sugar. You can consume fruits with less sugar content and with high citrus content. You can consume the high fiber fruits they will be beneficial for you.

Stress-free life:

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From the research of 2017, it was found that stress is one of the biggest reason for being diabetic. In today’s life stress is very common in every age group due to which we can see diabetes in every age group in today’s life. In early ages, very few people suffer from diabetes but in today’s life, every second person is suffering from diabetes. So to prevent ourself from diabetes we have to keep our mental conditions healthy. We have to ignore all this stress and we can do all this by doing meditation. It is necessary to do meditation at least 20 minutes daily in the morning.

Regular checkup:

You must have to visit your doctor regularly. In every 3/4 months, you must have the checkup. It there will be any improvement in your health conditions doctor will notify you and if there will be no changes in the health conditions than a doctor can change your diet and schedule for better results. So this is why you must have the regular visit and checkup from the doctor.


Dedication is the most important part apart from all of the above things. If you do not have dedication towards your goals you will definitely have to suffer from diabetes. Firstly you have to bring a dedication to your mind then you have to start all the above activities. If you do not have the dedication you can’t follow your routine and will surely have to suffer from diabetes. Once you will be dedicated towards your health no one can stop you from being healthy. Dedication is the key to all your dreams. You can boost your dedication by doing meditation daily. Meditation will help you strengthen your dedication. Once you will show dedication towards your health you yourself will follow each and everything necessary to stay healthy.

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