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September 23, 2018

How Pure Water Is Best for People Suffering From Asthma ?

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In a recent global study it was found that there are approx. 300 million people suffering from asthma globally out of which 40 million are suffering in India. 7th Of May is the World asthma day an initiative for global awareness about asthma. In India Asthma is becoming an epidemic where small children are prone to it due to increasing pollution every year.

This chronic disease severely affects lungs and causes breathing issues in adults and children’s. Symptom’s like shortness of breath and panting and gasping for air. These symptom’s should be taken seriously and diagnosed in initial stages else it could turn out to be a very serious ailment.

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People suffering from asthma have very sensitive air passage in body and are easily effected with change of air quality and humidity and temperature. The First Tuesday of May every year is celebrated as world asthma day to create awareness about asthma and help improve life of people suffering from asthma.

Asthma is a major disease among smoking men and woman or are exposed to passive smoking.  Children who are exposed to smoking environment are prone to asthma.

How water can help people suffering from asthma?

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Millions of people are suffering from Asthma worldwide and their constant efforts to improve the quality of air in their homes. Still there isn’t any proper solution available to this growing epidemic. But one important point to focus on is WATER. The water that is being supplied to your home, is it pure, healthy and is it not the cause of your worsening Asthma?

When water is treated with chlorine to kill bacteria it sounds good but the same chlorine when enters our body, adversely affects us by increasing asthma risk in children and adults. Chlorine fumes present is pool or shower can cause asthma attacks, because people suffering from this disease are very sensitive towards gases.

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Their lungs can’t cope up with these gases and problems like bronchitis and asthma attack. Chemicals, salts and many other soluble present in water also severely affect asthma patients.

How Dehydration is a big enemy for people suffering from asthma ?

The author of ABC of Asthma, Allergies and Lupus, Dr. F. Batman says that chronic dehydration is the direct cause of allergies and respiratory disease in adults and children’s. Our Lungs are made up of 80% water and lack of vapor in the airways cause mucus production in asthmatic lungs.

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And these 2 main factors lead to asthma attacks. Asthmatic people’s lung tissues have excessive amount of histamines. We lose water in the form of vapor with each breath we exhale, histamines starts when water is lost then mucus production starts. Histamine is an important factor in causing allergies and increasing asthma, which is directly related to dehydration.

Are Children at more Risk of Asthma ?

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Children grow constantly and this makes dost allow their bodies to reserve water. It is very important for children’s mental and physical well being that they drink sufficient water, to stay healthy and prevent diseases like asthma. These days most adults and children’s are severe dehydrated and suffering from hypertension, cholesterol, depression, allergies, diabetes, migraine, headaches and other immune diseases.

How much water is recommended for people suffering from asthma ?

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People with asthma should drink 4 liters of water everyday along with a pinch of salt as it helps regulate water in body and healing asthma. Drinking warm water and taking steam from a kettle or bowl get immediate relief in asthma. Wheat, dairy products and sugar should be removed from the diet of the asthmatic as they cause inflammation and excess mucus.

Can water purifiers help people suffering from asthma ?

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Water may contain many impurities and harmful chemical which can even increase the severity of asthma. It is recommenced that asthmatic people should drink purified and healthy water for getting relief as there is no alternate to pure water, nothing like coffee, tea, juice or even sports drinks. Best water purifiers should be used to get pure and healthy drinking water, it will be beneficial for entire family along with the asthma patient.

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Many RO water purifiers can be very expensive to buy , buying a budget water purifier with 5 Years warranty and quality can be a great deal. When it comes to preventing asthma drinking pure and healthy water, and breathing fresh air in morning will be very much beneficial for everyone.

On this asthma day, lets aware our near and dear ones about this chronic disease and help in controlling it in a very natural way.

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