December 30, 2019

How To Quit Sugar

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Sweets are one of the favorite eatables for all of us and we all know that they contain a large amount of sugar in them. Sugar is the worst thing that we eat. We all know the side effects of consuming sugar but still, we all consume it just because of the cravings that happen if we don’t consume sugar for some time.

Some methods to overcome cravings and quit sugar are:

Healthy fats

It is necessary to have healthy fats in your diet as fats are the rich source of calories. Fats have good taste and help us to feel satisfying when we quit sugar. They help to maintain the blood sugar level and make us healthy. Fats are very important for our body but in an appropriate quantity and we must choose fats by their quality and their digestion ratio. So we all must have a diet which must contain healthy fats such as fish, avocado, cheese, nuts, olives any more things are present in the market.

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Sleep is the most important part almost in every aspect. If you do not sleep properly is will make difficultly for you to fight with cravings. As the person doesn’t sleep properly his/her mind starts clicking the hunger hormone and we get attracted to the high-calorie food that is harmful to our body and makes it differs for us to fight with the cravings.


If we drink enough water that means if we stay hydrated our body energy level will always remain high and we keep out body un hydrated our mind fails to make the healthy decisions which lead to the consumption of unhealthy food and sugary food. If it is different for you to drink mineral water you can add some honey to it to make it sweet but take care you have not to take the artificial sweeteners.

Coconut palm sugar

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Coconut sugar is one of the best sweeteners which is made from the coconut palm after evaporating it and converting it into the granules. It contains lots of minerals in it and provides us a sweet taste without harming our health. It helps us to overcome our cravings due to the lack of sugar in the body and also maintains the blood sugar level.

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Sniff oils

It is scientifically proven that some scents are there that help us to fight our cravings. Sniffing a paper mint after every two hours makes you feel less hungry and prevents you from consuming sugar. Fragrances of grapefruits and jasmine also help you to control your diet. So take care to spray such fragrances near you in offices and at home.

Exercise regularly

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Being active help us to fight our cravings. So you are suggested to do exercise daily as it makes you active and it maintains your blood pressure and blood sugar level. Do the things which you like and in which you can indulge physically.

Diet plan

It is very difficult for everyone to eat only healthy food without maintaining the diet. So it very necessary for everyone to make a diet plan so that it can be followed properly. Otherwise, when you don’t have the plan and you feel hungry you suddenly run towards junk food or any unhealthy diet which will create problems for you to leave sugar. So you all are suggested to create a healthy diet for you according to your need and choice.

Say no to sugary drinks

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As we all know that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar in them but we still drink them and it is very dangerous for our health. Half a liter of soft drink contains at least 18 spoons of sugar which are a lot to harm our health. So we must prefer coconut water or fresh juices as our drinks as they do not contain any artificial sweeteners.

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We all know that we only miss sugar if we do not have any other thing to replace it out or we can say if we don’t have anything other to try. So there are many natural herbs present which tastes sweet but has no side effect so we can add them to our tables to eliminate sugar from our diet. Herbs such as vanilla, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and many more. We can add vanilla to our coffee to make it taste sweet.

Raw honey

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Raw is is one of the natural sweet things that provide us the sweet taste and has no harmful effects as that of sugar. It is made by bees by collection the nectar from flowers and collects them into their nest. The raw honey is taken out from their nest and filtered to remove out to remove the beeswax from it and is made consumable for human beings. It is also used as a natural remedy for small diseases such as cough, cold and many more. In ancient times honey is used as the sweetener because there is no sugar at that time.

Benefits of quitting sugar:

 If we reduce the consumption of sugar from our diet it will help us in many ways such as

  1. Prevents obesity
  2. Controls weight
  3. Boosts the energy level
  4. Makes skin glowing
  5. Reduces mood swings
  6. Inflammation is reduced
  7. Makes digestive conditions healthy
  8. Risk of being diabetic is reduced
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These are some ways of how to quit sugar.

Symptoms of sugar withdrawal:

Physical symptoms

  1. Fatigue
  2. Headache
  3. Vomiting
  4. Shivering

Mental symptoms

  1. Feeling down
  2. Nervousness
  3. Less sleep
  4. Cravings
  5. Irritable

Sugar detox receives:-


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  1. Take 1/2 cup of dry oats.
  2. Take 1/2 cup of water.
  3. Take 2 tablespoon chia seeds.
  4. Pinch of cinnamon powder.
  5. Mix them well and soak overnight.
  6. Add some toppings such as berries etc.
  7. Have it as your breakfast

Brownie bites

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  1. Take dates and remove the seed from them.
  2. Soak the dates into the warm water.
  3. Take one cup of lightly grinned walnuts.
  4. Take one cup of lightly grinned almonds.
  5. Half a cup of coconut powder.
  6. Half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder.
  7. Half a cup of hassle nut butter.
  8. Cut the dated into very small pieces and mix all the ingredients.
  9. Make small balls of the mixture and garnish them with coconut powder.

These bites can help you in quit sugar.

Alternatives to sugar:

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