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Types of Impurities In Drinking Water

Water is our life, no one can imagine what will be happen to human beings without water. Earth can’t sustain life if there is no water. We humans doesn’t even understand the value of water, especially industrial world which constantly pollutes our water resources and is the major factor for an increasing Impurities In Drinking Water. A person can survive without eating food for 2 weeks but can’t survive 2 to 3 days without drinking water. Water not only satisfies your thirst, it also plays a vast role in metabolism and good digestion.

Pure water has no color and it is tasteless. It is made up of two chemical components hydrogen and oxygen. Water has a tendency to dissolve with everything. Everything easily gets dissolved in water. It has become harder to get pure and safe water due to rapid increase in water pollution.Water is actually very essential for a healthy life, we must give attention to the Impurities In Drinking Water . If you don’t drink safe and pure water your chances of getting health issues and life threatening diseases will increase.

Common Impurities In Drinking Water

The most common impurities we find in water are down here. Our day to day activities are the cause of the impurities in water. Huge amount of water pollution is caused by factories and industries and organisms.

Micro-organisms In Drinking Water

There are many microorganism which are present in water, microorganism’s polluted water is not safe for human consumption and any other use. Living organism like Bactria, viruses are very harmful for life, as it can cause to so many diseases. We can remove many microorganism with the help of boiling the water, but still many survive the harsh temperatures of boiling water.

Suspended particles In Drinking Water

Water has suspended particles like mud and sand which make water turbid. This contaminated water has big and small particles, while small particles stay afloat big particles tend to settle at the bottom. It’s strongly advised to filter this kind of water before drinking and any other purpose.

Heavy metals In Drinking Water

There are many impurities present in water like chlorine, fluoride, lead, arsenic, heavy metals, and microorganisms that make it unsafe for consumption. This type of contaminated water is the major cause of death every year. These heavy metals are very dangerous as our body is unable to excrete these out, once they enter the body. These metals slowly accumulate in body with drinking of such unsafe water. Diseases like cancer, nerve blockage, slow growth, brain fog etc. are some of the example of health hazards caused by heavy metals in water.

Chemicals Impurities In Drinking Water        

Large amount of pollution comes from industries that dump their toxic and chemical waste directly in water. Heavy metals and toxic elements like mercury, nitrogen, arsenic, fertilizers, pesticides, are regularly mixed up in water sources. This water is very dangerous for human consumption and leads to many diseases like cancer etc.

Human Waste

Water pollution and Impurities In Drinking Water are increasing on daily basis due to human waste. Many causes like dumping human excreta in water, dumping of solid material and chemical waste in water pollutes rivers, lakes and sea, all these are the cause of water pollution.

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