August 23, 2022

It’s normal for many people to experience insecurities when interacting with others. These insecurities can have a significant impact on your mental and emotional well-being. This explains why some have a fear of going to social places.


Incontinence is a widespread condition affecting millions of people worldwide. The involuntary discharge of urine or faeces is more than a physical problem – it can hurt your emotional and mental well-being. Unfortunately, many individuals who suffer from the condition don’t tell anyone, including doctors and friends, as they consider it shameful.


It isn’t easy to live with incontinence, but it doesn’t mean you cannot live your best life by learning some helpful techniques to deal with it. So here are useful tips for living your best social life while incontinent.




Psychologists say that denial increases stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions. In addition, most incontinent individuals are embarrassed about the condition. It gets worse when urine or faeces involuntarily leak in a social place. Unfortunately, such occurrences usually result in stigmatisation and insults from others.


You can overcome embarrassment by admitting incontinence. Don’t be afraid to make a joke of it, and understand that it’s a common problem. This approach will help you feel comfortable around people and communicate your needs with family and friends.


Talk to Others


Besides the embarrassment, you might feel other negative emotions, such as anger, disgust, fear, and frustration. You might also think that others resent you. When you bottle these feelings, the situation worsens, and the risk of depression increases.


It’s vital to find somebody you can talk to about your feelings. The obvious choices are your doctor, a psychiatrist, or joining a support group. You can also talk to your siblings, parents or best friends. Sharing might not treat the condition, but it makes you feel better.


Use the Best Products


The shame associated with incontinence can prevent you from getting the best care products. Fortunately, most online stores selling incontinence products have discreet ordering services. This means your identity won’t get revealed to a third party. Even better, the products come in inconspicuous packages.


Some incontinence products include bedding protection, disposable pads, skin care creams, and washable pants. These can help you to lead an almost normal life.


Check the National Public Toilet Map


If you go to a new town, you might feel uneasy because you don’t know where you can find a toilet. However, you can ease the stress by checking the National Public Toilet Map. This website has valuable information regarding the accessibility, amenities, and operating hours of public toilets in a town.


Seek Treatment


Incontinence is treatable. However, there’s a widespread misconception that surgery is the preferred solution to the condition. This discourages many patients. In reality, surgery is the last resort.


When diagnosed with incontinence, your doctor will prescribe medication. They will also advise you to avoid alcohol, eat a balanced diet, and maintain a healthy weight. Other treatments include bladder training and pelvic floor exercise. The doctor will only suggest surgery if these options fail.


Final Words


Incontinence is a condition that shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying life. First, embrace the situation and don’t shy away from talking to others. Then, use the best care products and seek treatment. This way, you’ll lead a comfortable life.



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