October 9, 2019

physiotherapy being non-intrusive is a huge benefit in itself.

The general mindset of the masses is such that physiotherapy is a slow and moderately active course of treatment which relies more on using the placebo effect than real science. This could not be further from the truth. Physiotherapy is one of the most useful courses of treatment backed by reliable and extensive research in the field of medicine. In some cases, for people suffering from the loss of mobility and chronic pain, it is more effective than surgery.

Of course, physiotherapy being non-intrusive is a huge benefit in itself. Physiotherapy is a drug-free treatment for wounds, diseases, and other physical issues. In this treatment, the therapist uses techniques such as massage, stretching, dry needling Brisbane, heat therapy, and exercises to help prevent patients recover from injuries as well as prevent them occurring in the future.Some of the most common reasons why people go for physical therapy are for reducing or eliminating pain, improving mobility, avoid surgery, recuperate from stroke, recovering from an injury due to sports, improving balance and strengthen the muscles, dealing with age-related issues, etc.

Let us talk about some of the advantages of Physiotherapy:

1.      Helps in managing pain

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Chronic pain is one of the most irritating ailments, primarily when the cause for pain is not known. Physical therapy can be extremely beneficial in such cases. It can help to reduce stiffness in muscles, accelerate tissue repair, and improve the patient to move his or her joints more freely. Repeated practice of such exercises, as prescribed by a trained therapist can help in keeping the pain at bay permanently.

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2. Helps in avoiding surgery

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One of the significant benefits of physiotherapy over conventional modes of treatment, such as surgery is that it is non-intrusive. While in some cases, the operation becomes an absolute necessity, and physiotherapy only acts as a means to recover post-surgery, there are many instances where physiotherapy can replace the need for surgery completely. Thus, it provides a safer alternative in healing the patients without going under the knife.

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3. Prevents injuries

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The crux of healing through physical therapy involves identifying the weak parts of a patient’s body, which are susceptible to damage and making a therapy plan that would strengthen such areas. By analyzing weak points in a person’s structure and muscles, a physiotherapist can predict the probability of sustaining an injury. Thus, one is able to prevent any damage by strengthening and reinforcing such joints and muscles with specialized exercise regimes as prescribed by the physio.

4. Improves balance and mobility

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The road to recovery after a severe injury or surgery can often be hard and challenging for patients. Doing simple daily activities like eating, bathing, writing, etc. can become cumbersome as mobility is restricted. Physiotherapy is the best option for fast and safe recovery in such times as it helps patients to ultimately gain their mobility, balance, and strength.

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5.      Fighting general health problems and age-related issues.

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​Physical therapy has always been the best treatment source for elderly patients. This therapy helps in reducing arthritis problems, joint pains, and osteoporosis. Physiotherapy is one of the best and safer way to avoid the intake of lots of medicines as well as undergo traumatized and painful joint, knee, or hip replacement surgeries. This life-saving therapy helps in alleviating the joint pains and thus helps in recovering fast.

6.      Recovering from a stroke

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Stroke often leads to partial or complete paralysis. Physical therapy can help in recovery after stroke by strengthening those body parts that play a significant role in improving posture and balance, making patients more independent at home.

Physical therapy has proven to be a transformative experience for a lot of patients from all around the world by reducing their pain and increasing the mobility of their body parts. This therapy has also proven to be beneficial and useful for those patients who are suffering from cardiac ailments. Physical therapy improves cardiovascular function.


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Physiotherapy is the best therapeutic choice in treating all kinds of ailments related to cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, and palliative care. Physiotherapists can even offer instructions and advice’s on certain things like correct lifting techniques, showing the patients special techniques and exercises for improving their general health. So, whether the patients have acute back muscle pain or some other kind of muscle pain, it is advisable to consider making physiotherapy the treatment of choice. It could make a massive difference to the life of the patients.

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If you are a resident of Delhi or NCR and are looking for the best place for physiotherapy in Delhi,  If you cannot opt for treatment outside, then go for physiotherapy clinic at home. You can book an appointment online.

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