September 30, 2021

One of the things that are bothersome about Flow in Parenting is that it does not emphasize self-discipline. It will tell you to be more like your child, and you will get praised for being your parent. It is important to know that you should appreciate it and give them praise when your children do something good. However, if the child does something wrong, you need to reprimand or punish them for raising a very disciplined child. However, parents are finding out that when their kids are doing things right, but just not as good as they want, it is not because of anything they did wrong, but instead from the lack of discipline they have.

So how would Flow in Parenting help us achieve this?

By teaching us the things that are necessary to create a positive effect through our parent-child interactions. These include learning how to appreciate other people’s positive experiences, as well as their thoughts and emotions. We would be able to understand more about the other person and the different experiences he has gone through. As you come into this kind of understanding, you will become more skillful in recognizing the good from the bad through time. You will therefore spend less time experiencing negative flow experiences.

  • Flow ensures that positive effects of parents have flowed into the kids

This is a result of the fact that Flow in Parenting gives us information on how to raise a very positive effect on our children. We usually teach our children through programs and strategies, which we will now learn and understand through Flow in Parenting. In this way, we will be able to teach the very same things to our children.

Apart from Flow, you are a new parent; you need some rest after managing a new Kid. Therefore you would need the best mattress that is available to you. While choosing the best mattress available, you can choose between a Latex or a memory foam mattress. Both of them are the best mattress that is available in the market and are extremely popular. Memory Foam mattresses are synthetic foam composed of polyurethane and other added elements that create viscoelastic features; in practicality, this type of foam contours to the object. Also, you should make your kid sleep in rooms having a temperature of  65 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, latex is extracted from rubber trees and offers more elasticity and a faster recovery time to return to its original shape. Latex mattresses are usually firmer than memory foam and also have bounciness in them.

  • No room for Negative Flow

What we should all do as parents are to have positive flow experiences with each other. There is no room for negative flow experiences as you get into parenthood. Your relationship with each other as a parent would become better if your relationship with your partner is also positive flo

  • Flowreate A Positive Flow by thinking about good things that other people conclude about You.

You can easily train yourself to have a positive flow by thinking about the good things that other people say to you or how they treat you when you do something nice for them. These kinds of experiences and words create a positive image in your mind. It can even change your actions and thoughts in terms of helping another person. The whole point is that, as long as you practice it every day, you will eventually realize that these kinds of experiences produce positive emotional experiences. This means that all that training you have just learned will bear fruit, and you will start developing and improving your skills in dealing with other people.

From Parent To Playmate

You can always have a Playmate. Your kids will love to hang out with their new friends. The best thing about a playmate is they are not limited to any one type of activity. Your children could play with a sitter, a chef, a cop, and even a construction worker. There are so many different types of people that your children will have tons of fun with.

In addition, the whole training you had in Flow in Parenting will teach you how to have an open flow experience which will help you connect with your children more effectively. Children are great observers, and they are great contributors to your daily activities. Through the things that they see and hear from you, they will be able to translate what you are trying to explain to them into their own subjective experience. Through your flow experience with your children, you will be able to communicate more effectively with them. Therefore, when they are ready for more information, you already have it to give.

To create the perfect playmate, be sure to look at the age and interests of both the parent and the prospective playmate. There is no point in getting a child together with interest in something they do not love. They will only hate the experience and probably not want to be around you anymore. It is best to find a playmate with something in common with your children, such as sports or musical talent. The more common the interests, the easier it will be for your child to get along with this playmate.

  • Flow Parenting will train you to be more proactive in managing your experiences with Kids.

Your training in Flow in Parenting will also train you to be more proactive in managing your flow experiences rather than reactively avoiding and trying to avoid doing any of the things that trigger your inner critics. As you practice the techniques of Flow in Parenting, you will learn how to manage your flow experiences and make sure that you do not have any self-consciousness or feelings of being inadequate or incompetent. As the theory of Flow in Parenting goes, your inner critic is only there to criticize you when you do not meet its expectations. However, you will learn that you need not be perfect to raise great kids.

Apart from the following, Kids need proper comfort to sleep as a comfortable blanket, comfortable mattress, etc. Speaking of the blanket, there are various blankets to choose from, but people also relate the comfort of a blanket to its weight. Some people often question the Though most of it depends on the sleepers body weight, size, age, and personal preferences, but weighted blanket as a thumb rule must not weigh more than 10% of the bodyweight of adults,

  • Apart from all the theoretical Interpretations of Flow, there is also a Practical application.

Flow can be stimulated through an activity if it has the following

  1. Provide a Challenge
  2. Requires a skill
  3. Requires concentration
  4. Provides immediate and Unambiguous feedback
  5. Provides a sense of control
  6. Present Clear goals

While being in Flow with your kids, you basically create escapism where you are an individual and part of your kid’s dream and world. Though you may not understand Their gibberish, you still might share a similar world you would both relate to. Don’t give them supplements like melatonin as they can suffer from melatonin overdose.



One of the most important things that I would like to share with you is practicing regularly using the Flow with your children. You should learn to create clear goals for them so that you can check if you are on the right track as you go along. Clear goals allow you to monitor how they are doing and let you know if you need to change your strategy or approach. Also, it will provide you with instant feedback to help you gauge whether your plan is working or not. This will help you maintain consistency in your strategy and practice, and if need be, you can modify your plan accordingly.

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