November 14, 2019
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In the culinary world, figs are a popular fruit. They are not only filled with nutrients for your activity and a healthy lifestyle, but they are also tasty to include in your diet plan. Now the common question arises, how can you properly eat figs daily? Well, they can be used in the mixture of Halwa, Barfi, milkshakes, or even chutneys, but there are other ways that can be added to this list as well.

Importance of figs since ages

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History has revealed that figs (also known as Anjeer) have been around since 5000 BC. They are a product from a tree called figs. It is one of the very first plants discovered by the human race. Anjeer has been used for a lot of medicinal benefits in the past. People who used to suffer from high blood pressure or irritable bowel syndrome were told to feast on figs.

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Choose the best figs online

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Well, now that you have known the health benefits attached to figs, want to order them for yourself? Don't worry because you can get nutritional figs online attached with affordable pricing. There are a variety of combos and premium packs you can order, and it will be delivered at the intended time. So munch on these exotic dry fruits and share with your family for a perfect snack packed with loads of calcium, magnesium, iron, and Vitamins.

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Healthy ways to eat figs

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Figs are fleeting this season, so you need to grab them while you can. Their subtle sweetness is what leads to a perfect punch into your mouth. So these fantastic ways in which you can eat them make your snack a lot more delicious.

  1. Substitute two figs with a warm glass of milk

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Whether you hit the gym or you have your workout station, you need to have two figs every day with a warm glass of milk. Eating them after your workout will help you to restore all the energy that you lost. It is a perfect balance of texture and sweetness.

  1. Fig Salad

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You might have heard about kale salad or Cold Russian salad, but what you don't know is that you can make a perfect mixture and a bowl of salad with the help of various dry fruits. Add some orange figs to your pan, toss and turn it with some honey or galette.

  1. Smashed Figs Burrata

Smashed Figs Burrata

You can squish some dried figs and add toppings of walnuts to make a Burrata. A Burrata is made when you stuff all the individual figs altogether. You need to add some cheese for flavour and seasoning. You can choose any cheese that you like for tasting. .

  1. Bacon-Wrapped Figs

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Bacon is definitely one of our favourite dishes, so why not substitute it with something healthier? You can take a pack of a whole fig and wrap grilled bacon around it. Again secure it with a toothpick and then cook them to add a tinge of smokiness.

  1. Figs Chutney

AS CHEFS COOK The Spicy Mint Chutney

Chutney is a sweet curry that is made from every type of dried fruit. Figs are a rich type of dried fruit which you can include while you are making chutney. Chop dried figs and then stir them together in sugar syrup. Add a proportionate amount of sugar to balance out the flavour.  

  1. Make a fig Barfi or Halwa

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Anjeer is extensively used in the making of Barfi or Halwa. It has been dated back to ages when a fig Halwa was a treat that was served at the king's courtroom. This creamy texture of figs and the sweetness of the sugar added to the Halwa is an ideal dish to bind collectively and mix into a paste.

  1. Add them in your cereal bowl

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We all know that the first meal of your day should be perfectly healthy. This is why adding chopped dried figs is the perfect way to eat them. Take a bowl of cereal and add the dried fruit if you can. Then pour a warm cup of hot milk and have a King’s breakfast. 

  1. Bake them for evening snacks

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Figs are incredibly nourishing, and they should be added to your daily meal plan. Even if you are eating them without adding them to any sort of dish, you need to eat one at a time and eat them slowly to devour the taste. Since figs can punch in a boatload of calories, it is recommended that you only have five to seven at a time so that you don't feel full.

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