June 17, 2022

During the course of the night, your body goes through sleep cycles which have different stages. A person can go through four to six cycles when they sleep. Each stage plays an important role in helping you wake up refreshed and revitalized for the next day. This cycle has four different stages.

Stage 1 is called the “dosing off” stage and it usually lasts 1 to 5 minutes. The body and brain begin to slow down. Stage 2 is when your brain and body become more relaxed. Your breathing and heart rate slow down. It can last for 10-25 minutes. Stage 3 is when you enter deep sleep. Sleep experts reveal that this stage is critical to restorative sleep. We spend more time in this stage during the night and it lasts 20-40 minutes. Stage 4, the last stage is called REM sleep. In normal circumstances, you only enter stage 4 after you have been asleep for 90 minutes. It is essential to cognitive functions such as memory, learning, and creativity.

Disruptions in your sleep cycle can have a negative effect on your functioning during the day. If you are not getting enough sleep over days, it can cause an abnormal sleep cycle. This is where zopiclone can help.


What is Zopiclone?

Zopiclone is a sleeping pill. It is a non-benzodiazepine treatment that works quickly to improve sleep difficulties.

A person cannot control their sleep cycle. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to improve your sleep cycle. An interference in your sleep cycle can lead to daytime tiredness, drowsiness, and low concentration levels, and a quick and effective remedy is needed.

The active ingredient in this medication can play a vital role as a short-term treatment to regulate and restore your sleep cycle. This medication can help manage insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) effectively. It can be used in conjunction with other approaches such as improving sleep hygiene and addressing issues that are causing insomnia. It has been FDA-approved to treat sleep disorders.

Zopiclone reduces how long it takes to sleep and this is particularly beneficial for people that have difficulties during stage 1 of their sleep cycle. It increases your total sleep time. Therefore, it can prolong your sleep during stage 2 and stage 3, which allows you to enter stage 4 of your sleep cycle.

Zopiclone medication is available in tablet form under the brand name Zimovane and is also available as more affordable options (as a generic versions).


How Do I Use Zopiclone Safely to Restore My Sleep Cycle?

This medication is licensed in the UK and is administered once at night just before bed. The recommended dose for healthy adults is 7.5 mg for up to four weeks. In the elderly, the recommended starting dose is 3.76 mg for a period of 4 weeks. This dose can be increased gradually from 3.76 mg. It is imperative that you work with your online consultant or health care professional to safely increase your dosage.

These sleeping tablets are taken by mouth with a tall glass of water. It should be swallowed whole and chewing or crushing this tablet is not advised. It should never be taken with alcohol or any carbonated drinks. If you forget to take this medicine do not take it when you remember unless you are able to get 7-8 full hours of sleep without disruptions. The recommended daily dosage of 7.5mg for healthy adults and 5mg for seniors should not be exceeded.


Is There Any Information I Should Consider Before Using This Medication?

Before you begin using this medicine you should always advise your health care provider about any underlying medical conditions, allergies that you may have, or medications that you may already be taking. These factors can affect how this medication needs to be used.

This medication is not safe for certain people such as pregnant and breastfeeding women and children below the age of 18 years. The safety profile of this medication has not been established in these populations and it may cause harm if used.

If not taken accordingly you can build a tolerance to this medication. Dependence on this medication has only been reported when taken at higher doses that are not recommended or misused. Therefore, if you have had a history of drug or alcohol abuse this medication may not be the solution treatment for you.

The use of this medication can cause drowsiness and may impair your motor functions. This is more prominent in elderly patients. Caution must be exercised when used in older patients to prevent accidental falls or injuries. When you start taking this medication it is not recommended that you drive or operate machinery within 12 hours of taking the tablet. Only attempt concentration-based activities once you know how the medication affects your functions and you feel fit to do so.


How Do I Buy Zopiclone to Help Restore My Sleep Cycle?

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night or constantly waking up feeling groggy and tired this could be the short-term solution for you. Navigate through our online pharmacy to find out how this medication can benefit you. Our online pharmacy will keep you well informed about insomnia and provides more detailed information about zopiclone as a treatment.

If you are certain that this is the medication for you, add it to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and pay via our secure online system. Your medicinal products can be paid for using Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, or bank transfers (only for UK customers). Always ensure that you provide us with the correct details so you receive your delivery on time. Your information is not shared with any third parties and our website is a safe platform.

Restore your sleep cycle today and let this medication provide relief from symptoms of insomnia. Our online pharmacy is ready to provide you with the best care. Help is just a click away.

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