February 18, 2023


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to maintain a healthy mind-body balance to lead a fulfilling life. Whether you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or physical ailments, there are several therapies and treatments available to help you get back to your optimal wellbeing. One such therapy gaining popularity worldwide is Gyrostim therapy. In this blog post, we’ll uncover the health benefits of Gyrostim therapy and how it can revitalize your mind and body.

What is Gyrostim Therapy?

Gyrostim therapy is a cutting-edge therapy that uses a device named Gyrostim to stimulate vestibular processing. The therapy involves a person sitting in a rotating chair that follows a predetermined path of rotation, speed, and direction. The device can be customized to accommodate various levels of intensity, from gentle movements to more robust rotations, based on the patient’s needs.

The therapy is often used to treat neurological issues, like concussions, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism spectrum disorders. It is also useful in addressing physical manifestations like balance issues, vertigo, and motion sickness.

How does Gyrostim Therapy work?

During the treatment, the Gyrostim device rotates the patient in a circle, stimulating the vestibular system, a fascinating system in the inner ear which provides the brain with information about motion, body posture, balance, and orientation. The vestibular system helps to stabilize the eyes while moving, helps regulate muscle tone, and influences mood, motivation and anxiety levels.

By stimulating the vestibular system, Gyrostim therapy enhances neurological connections between the brain and body, which helps improve cognitive functions, muscle coordination, and balance. The therapy not only helps regenerate brain cells and repair damaged neurons but also helps to increase blood flow to the brain.

What are the benefits of Gyrostim Therapy?

Increased Brain Activation and Focus

Research studies have found that Gyrostim therapy can help increase brain activation, improving neural connections leading to enhanced cognitive abilities, focus, and memory. The therapy can help heal traumatic brain injuries, ADHD, and other neurological disorders, improving the patient’s daily life.

Improved Physical Coordination and Balance

Gyrostim therapy has proven to be effective in helping patients improve their balance and overall physical coordination. The vestibular system impacts the body’s muscle tone, helping to improve posture, hand-eye coordination, balance, and overall spatial perception. The therapy is often used for patients recovering from injuries and neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

Increased Energy Levels and Reduced Fatigue

Gyrostim therapy has also been found to reduce fatigue and increase the patient’s overall energy levels. The therapy helps improve blood flow to the brain, increasing oxygen levels, and reducing toxins, thus improving overall body function.

Reduced Anxiety and Stress Levels

Anxiety and stress can often interfere with daily life, causing a multitude of physical and mental health issues. Gyrostim therapy has been found to stimulate the vestibular system relaxing patients and reducing their anxiety and stress levels.

Improved Sleep Quality

Gyrostim therapy is also beneficial in improving sleep quality. Studies have found it to be an effective treatment option for those with sleep disorders, helping them fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer, and experience deeper and more restful sleep.

What Patients can expect during a Gyrostim Therapy Session?

During the Gyrostim therapy session, the patient sits in a rotating chair, experiencing circular motion under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. The therapy typically lasts between 15-60 minutes and can be customized for each patient based on their medical history and individual needs.

Are there any side effects of Gyrostim Therapy?

Gyrostim therapy is generally considered safe and effective, with few side effects. However, some patients may experience dizziness after the treatment, which usually subsides in a few minutes. Patients with specific medical conditions should consult with their medical practitioner before undergoing the therapy.

How often should one undergo Gyrostim therapy, and what is the duration of the treatment?

The frequency and duration of Gyrostim therapy differ from patient to patient, depending on their medical condition and treatment goals. For optimum benefits, patients may undergo two to three sessions per week, with each session lasting between 15-60 minutes. The therapy gains best results when integrated into a regular treatment plan.

Are there any guidelines for post-Gyrostim session care?

It’s advisable to avoid any physical activities for at least 30 minutes after the therapy session and stay adequately hydrated. Patients are advised to follow the practitioner’s recommendations for specific aftercare instructions.

Is Gyrostim Therapy covered by insurance?

While Gyrostim therapy is not covered under most insurance plans, several regional funding options are available to help cover the cost of treatments. Patients should verify the coverage options with their insurance provider.


Gyrostim therapy is an innovative therapy that can help enhance cognitive abilities, muscle coordination, and balance while also reducing anxiety and stress and improving sleep quality. The therapy is safe and effective, with minimal side effects. Patients should consult with trained practitioners to determine if Gyrostim therapy is an appropriate treatment option for their medical condition. With its myriad health benefits, Gyrostim therapy is a vanguard therapy for optimal mind-body wellness.


What are the benefits of Gyrostim therapy for Parkinson’s disease patients?

Gyrostim therapy can be beneficial for Parkinson’s disease patients as it enhances muscle tone and coordination, improves balance, and reduces symptoms of stiffness and rigidity. However, patients with Parkinson’s disease require regular and long-term therapy to see visible results.

Can Gyrostim therapy help reduce symptoms of motion sickness?

Yes, Gyrostim therapy can help reduce symptoms of motion sickness by stabilizing the eyes and helping the brain to better process motion signals.

Is Gyrostim therapy safe for children?

Yes, Gyrostim therapy is safe for children if performed under the guidance of a trained practitioner. The therapy has been found to benefit children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

What is the cost of Gyrostim therapy?

The cost of Gyrostim therapy varies depending on the location, the number of sessions, and the patient’s individual treatment plan. Patients should consult with a qualified practitioner for more information about the cost of Gyrostim therapy.

Can Gyrostim therapy help treat concussions?

Yes, Gyrostim therapy can help treat concussions and other head injuries by regenerating brain cells, repairing damaged neurons, and improving balance and coordination. It is often used as a part of an overall treatment plan for concussion patients.

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