June 25, 2022

Surrogacy is a common procedure in Ukraine and many other countries for people who cannot have offspring. Moreover, it helps couples through artificial procedures to have a child. There are many reasons for couples not to have their child, which may urge them to get surrogacy done. Ukraine is the main country that comes to mind regarding surrogacy. Furthermore, the feskov clinic in Ukraine offers the best and most flexible payment methods to its clients.

Moreover, there are various services that the clinic offers, and there are certain charges associated with each service. Ukraine believes in solving the problems of infertile couples. However, it is an ideal country to opt for surrogacy programs. Furthermore, Ukraine is the cheapest country when it comes to surrogacy. The feskov’s leihmutter is highly admirable.

Surrogacy services

There are some services that the Feskov reproductive clinic offers in Ukraine. They are as under:

  • Hire surrogate mother

The feskov reproductive clinic offers you to hire a surrogate mother as per your wish. You can choose your surrogate mother and make unlimited IVF attempts without worries. This entire procedure, if hiring a surrogate mother, can cost you around 17,000€ to 28,500€.

  • Comfort guarantee program

The comfort guarantee program is another great program that the feskov reproductive clinic offers. Furthermore, the comfort guarantee program includes unlimited IVF attacks and the PGD. Furthermore, limited risk coverage is also included in the program. Besides, the guarantee program considers the women’s age, too, using the oocytes. Additionally, this program costs up to 37,500€.

  • Balance guarantee

There is also a balance guarantee program which comprises surrogacy + egg donation + NGS, gender choice+ PGD. However, the program’s total cost is 49,000€.

  • Choose the gender of your baby

This program lets you choose the gender of your child. It includes unlimited IVF attempts and PGD. However, it also guarantees the birth of a healthy child with the gender of your choice. The program has a total cost of 59,000€.

  • VIP guarantee program with own oocytes

Unlimited IVF attempts + PGD are part of this program. A fully healthy child is born through the process. One can use their eggs with a total cost of making the program reach up to 60,000€.

Surrogacy- A program that blesses couples with healthy children

 Surrogacy is a world-famous program that helps childless couples become parents of their genetic children. Infertile couples surrogacy is an excellent opportunity to become a parent. In the previous years, the infertile couples were only left with the option of adopting a child to become parents, but advanced technology has made things easier for the couples. Feskov has sincere concerns about the people who cannot have their children naturally and helps people fulfill their dreams.

Some facts about feskov reproductive clinic’s services

Here are some interesting facts about the Feskov reproductive clinic.

  • The feskov kilinik has delivered 18,000 healthy children since its establishment. The clinic
  • The total number of countries is 52 where the children born through feskov reproductive clinic live
  • There are altogether 23 expert scientists who work with feskov reproductive clinic
  • There are 10,000 egg donors in the database


Surrogacy is a wonderful program that helps people enjoy the laughter and smiles of their children. It is the only program that helps people become parents of biological children. Moreover, several surrogacy programs are included in the package at different prices. All the packages have different services, so their prices vary. There are some standard packages too, and it depends on you which one suits you the most and which package you can easily afford.

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