July 19, 2022

The National Ice Cream Month is appropriately observed in July. Since National Ice Cream Month falls in the summer, it is the perfect time to treat yourself to a scoop of refreshing, sweet, and creamy ice cream.

In addition to being created to be observed on the third Sunday of the month, National Ice Cream Month was officially established by President Ronald Reagan in 1984 and followed during July.

This year, your ice cream shop or restaurant can advertise and provide scoops of ice cream to your customers as everything is almost back to normal, and everyone can enjoy the indulgence of picnics and outdoor eating.

Here are some suggestions for you to think about.

Offer ice creams at a discounted price on your ice cream truck or parlor

The most known dessert in the world, ice cream, is available in various flavors, including frozen yogurt, sorbet, gelato, and frozen custard, and it goes well with practically any meal. Since there are numerous recipe alternatives for ice cream, it’s perfect for niching.

You can profit by offering customers sweets made with ice cream in your ice cream shop.

Moreover, you can use a digital restaurant menu QR code app to expedite your services to clients and assist you in managing your business.

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Additionally, you can advertise your discounted ice cream scoops on the specially created website for your menu app. You can also publish a newsletter to inform your clients of these sales.

Extend gelato-making classes to culinary students

You may give your clients a memorable and enjoyable month by holding gelato making for distinct customers.

Culinary arts students can learn essential gelato recipes and produce their gelato from scratch.

Make these courses accessible in colleges or even culinary schools. You can draw from a sizable customer base for these classes.

Along with culinary students, you can also instruct children and teenagers in crafting ice cream from scratch during birthday parties.

This will enable you to use your culinary expertise to educate clients on how to make gelato from scratch.

Promote exclusive promotions during National Ice Cream month

Your company can advertise different ice cream promos using QR code marketing.

To create a promo hunt for your customers, you may build a promotional voucher using a QR code and use it anywhere in your store.

In addition, you can use a menu QR code app to execute scheduled promotions that will engage a larger audience and boost your company’s sales.

For instance, when consumers scan the menu QR code in your ice cream shop, you can offer them a coupon for a discount on a specific flavor of ice cream for the entire week. You can arrange for the whole of the month of July to run as a repeating promotion.

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Additional Tips

Along with offering customers discount coupons, gelato-making lessons, and reasonably priced ice cream scoops, you could also provide every youngster seated at a customer’s table a free scoop of ice cream. You can also pique their palates by introducing several ice cream flavors that are unfamiliar to your clients.

Organizing an event for a good cause may also extend the honor of commemorating Ice Cream Month. Along with boosting sales, you are also assisting other charities in need.


These are just some things you can do to draw in consumers and interact with them during National Ice Cream Month to boost sales.

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