December 4, 2021

In today’s digital era, when almost everything has become online health care services are also rapidly moving to operate digitally. Whatever your side is, whether you are a physician, health care provider, or a patient seeking a relatable doctor, in any case, physician review sites are of a great deal. Patients seeking to consult a doctor or health care provider, mostly prefer physician review sites to opt from them. They find it more appropriate rather than discussing their expertise in person-to-person and then opting for the best one. This usually is time-consuming and way too hectic. More and more people are now relying on physical review sites i.e. 35%- 40% of patients choose doctors using online search, opting and rejecting a doctor based on people’s positive and negative comments respectively.

Significance of Physician Review Sites

This fast era is way too fast on the physician’s side. Doctors or health care providers find it slow and time-consuming to collect patient’s views personally. It’s now absolutely important for them too to personalize their profile on physical review sites and monitor it constantly.  Monitoring their profiles fore mostly include monitoring patients’ negative reviews and try managing them in order to attain a great reputation. While practicing such a dedicated profession, it’s almost impossible for health care providers to manage their patient’s reviews on all sites.

Famous Physician Review Sites You Should Know

Below are 10 famous physical review sites that are listed in no particular order.

  • Google+
  • ZocDoc
  • RateMDs
  • Yelp
  • Vitals
  • Healthgrades
  • CareDash


Almost all famous sites such as Google+,, ZocDoc, etc. ensure a user-friendly layout that requires filling 2-3 search fields such as medical practice title, treatment needed for or search within distance fields and that’s it. The page will direct you to a list of respective physicians and their complete reviews so that you can opt for your desired one near you.

According to a survey, 84% of people rely on online reviews rather than personal recommendations. Doctors and health care providers, despite their hectic schedules, should, in any case, handle their online reputation on doctor review sites. According to another survey, negative comments usually are due to the following reasons.

  • 38% angry patient just wants you to apologize
  • 73% wants to tell about their bad experience to people
  • 14% just want to destroy a doctor or health care provider’s reputation

How Doctors can Get Positive Feedback

A satisfied patient will post about a doctor’s professionalism and good treatment on 2-3 review sites whereas an angry patient will talk on as many sites as possible. This could obviously destroy a good physician’s reputation. There are many smart ways to deal with such negativity

  • Building strong relationships with patients
  • Smartly evaluating all review factors i.e. managing wait times, follow-up schedule, etc.
  • Stay calm by thinking that you cannot please every single patient.
  • Respond calmly
  • No matter what, thank the reviewer despite playing the blame game.

Even a single negative comment is not easy to bear and is enough for the reviewer to doubt about a physician’s practice. But, on the other side, negative comments are important too. Patients reviewing the doctor’s physical site may doubt the physician’s profile as fake if he sees only positive comments.

To Sum up,

Not all physicians or health care providers have enough time to monitor review sites constantly but they should take it seriously as it can affect their profession and careers. Doctor review sites should be managed too by health care teams in order to attain a better understanding between doctors and patients and monitor their reviews.

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