August 5, 2022

Overview – Valant EHR vs Elation EHR:

About Valant EHR:

A cloud-based integrated EHR software suite called Valant EHR supports the administrative activities of clinicians, agencies, and practitioners of behavioral healthcare. The software provides a wide range of features, such as scheduling individual and group appointments, planning treatments, managing medications, involving patients, billing, and reporting. Valant EHR gathers and arranges patient and provider data documents according to predetermined protocols, and securely stores it. Based on the data gathered, reports and actionable insights are also produced. Users can extract, report, and visualize data in real-time, thanks to the product’s flexible and extensible data model. For large outpatient practices and solo practitioners like psychiatrists, physician assistants, psychologists, therapists, and counselors, the Valant EHR platform and software suite is designed. Depending on the user’s needs, the software can be configured and customized.


About Elation EHR:

Elation Health EHR software is a digital medical records program that was created with medical practices that offer comprehensive and primary care services in mind. Small, medium-sized, and independent medical facilities can use the software. Because it makes it simple for them to complete daily documentation, Elation Health EHR software enables professionals to improve the quality of care within their practices. A number of practical features, including client scheduling, charting, compliance tracking, client portal, e-faxing, and e-prescribing, are included in the ONC-ATCB certified software. The software offers Practice Management and Medical Billing Services in addition to EHR services.


Valant EHR Features:

Patient Portal:

Compared to our previous EHR, the intake shell has improved the efficiency of the demographic data capture. In the past, we had to collect demographic information using paper forms before entering it into the EHR. Not only did the old process use up human resources’ time, but it also resulted in transcription errors due to keypunching. While the number of errors has decreased, there are still occasional errors with Valant. In the past two months, The Portal has only been incorporated. Due to the lengthy process of creating consent forms, we have not fully utilized them. However, Elation EHR plans to use it for the data collection on clinical outcomes as well as for communication.


Integrated RCM:

Utilizing the Valant EMR makes revenue management simple. With this EHR, you can develop campaigns, evaluate outcomes, and compare prospective customers to the data you already have in your CRM or marketing platform. You can lower liability and increase operational efficiency with the aid of these metrics. Valant EMR makes revenue management simple and affordable.

Different standards apply to behavioral health practices than to other medical specialties. The Valant EMR was created with this kind of practice in mind. Its integrated EHR and practice management tools facilitate more efficient business processes and guarantee compliance. Valant can be used by behavioral health professionals because it was designed with them in mind. It provides integrated functionality to meet the specific needs of behavioral health professionals, enabling them to improve their performance.


Virtual Assistant:

You can gain valuable time back by using a virtual assistant for your client’s records. These helpers can assist you with managing patient files, order entry, billing, coding, security protocols, and other tasks. Some of these VAs have also completed extensive medical coding training. You can also employ VAs as digital scribes. They may work independently or as part of your current team. Finding a virtual assistant for your practice is more straightforward as a result of these advantages.

You can concentrate on other areas of your practice by providing a virtual assistant for your patients. You can take notes about your clients using the Action Items function, and you can open all of your medical documents with a single click using the Easy Nav button.


Elation EHR Features:

Charting Capabilities:

Customers can quickly adapt to the ready-made frameworks supplied with Elation EHR to suit their unique requirements. The templates, in accordance with Elation EHR reviews, also help therapists meet particular coding and regulatory requirements, enabling them to record client visits more rapidly. As a result, you might spend less time recording information and more time enhancing your clients’ medical outcomes. You can access the program while on the go by using the Elation EHR app.

The charting feature of the program starts the billing procedure and records the entire customer visit. You’ll be able to streamline your billing operations as well as you’re documenting and recording tasks as a result. Additionally, you can set up the healthcare templates to automatically fill out the meeting form.


Patient Portal:

A patient portal is offered by Elation EHR and houses a patient’s medical history, present prescriptions, vaccinations, test results, diagnoses, and other essential data. Customers can use the online platform to safely access the information they require. Patients can schedule appointments, request medication refills, pay bills, and view statements using this user-friendly client interface. This prevents office disruptions and helps your staff members save time and money. Additionally, patients are not required to wait until office hours to talk to practitioners about their issues. They can use this cloud-based EMR Software from anywhere they have internet access.


Three Pane View:

Elation EHR reviews laud the program for giving patients a three-dimensional representation of their medical records. This allows doctors to work more successfully and efficiently. Additionally, they are able to treat both acute and chronic conditions with ease and review the patient’s medical history. Elation EHR is safe and simple to use, too. An intuitive user interface is provided by the app. Users adore how simple the software is to use and how well it fosters collaboration.


Elation EMR pricing vs. Valant Pricing:

You pay for Elation EHR through a subscription-based billing system. Elation EHR has a $349 monthly starting price. On the other hand, Valant EMR costs approximately $200 to $250 per user monthly.


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