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Water Contamination,

Water contamination in India

In this Modern era of industrialization getting anything pure is becoming quite difficult. Water contamination is becoming an environmental threat for survival of our planet. Our ground water, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and oceans are getting polluted. Water contamination is directly or indirectly causing damage to environment outside of us and also within our bodies. A study done by Pacific Institute Says that almost 2 million tons of industrial untreated waste is disposed into water bodies of the world every day. It is estimated by a research firm Deloitte & Touche that India’s water demand will surpass supply by 2020. This clearly means that we will be in water crisis not only for pure drinking water but also for other day to day requirements.

To get an idea on how Water contamination happens below are some important points:-

Point of Source

When Water contamination happens through a single identifiable source such as a pipe, ditch, outlet toxic chemical, oil spill or untreated waste water discharged by the industries in water bodies it’s called a Point of Source.

Non Point Sources

Non point Sources means when Water contamination happens due to multiple small sources gathered from a large area. Like agricultural fertilizers are run-off in water bodies in heavy rains, monsoons and they contain nitrates and phosphates in a heavy quantity, this wakes water hazardous.

Ground water Pollution

Chemical waste, oil, industrial waste has the tendency to seep deep into ground water. These contaminated sources may be sometimes unidentifiable as they can be too many in a large area.

What are the reasons of Water contamination?

Organic Contamination

Water contamination by organic substances like chloroform, cosmetic hygienic and detergent waste, chlorinated solvents, waste accumulated from food processing, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, drug waste, oil and petroleum waste.

Inorganic Contaminants

Inorganic waste like ammonia, acidic compounds, industrial waste, fertilizers, heavy metals, nitrates and phosphates, slit from construction sites, automotive waste etc also cause Water contamination.

Macroscopic Contamination

When garbage like plastic, paper, garbage disposal, food and excreta waste, heavy objects over water like ships and boats all constitute towards macroscopic contamination of water.


Many Organism such as bacteria are life threatening and cause serious diseases. These hazardous micro-organisms are called pathogens. Parasites, worms, also contaminate the water and are often found in open water sources and surface water. Seepage from septic tanks and untreated sewage water also contaminate water bodies.

Thermal Pollution

When the rise and fall of temperature is caused by human influence it’s called thermal pollution. When hot water or chemicals are released in water bodies which was being used as an industrial coolant it causes a great amount of water pollution. This untreated hot water causes the oxygen imbalance in water, and greatly affects the aquatic life. This also increases the disease causing microorganisms in water =and is considered a major cause of Water contamination.

How to be safe from all water born disease and Water contamination?

With so much of Water contamination and toxic around us, we now need to be very careful about the water we drink and use. Drinking uncleaned water causes many disease like Diarrhea, cholera, Hepatitis A, Typhoid fever, Malaria, Abdominal cramps, headaches, liver swelling, nausea, abdominal pain, jaundice, depression, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite and lot more.

We need to change our attitude towards hygiene and health, this is a time when Water contamination and germs are ready to enter our body in disguise of food and water. Protection from water borne disease and these contaminants have also became easy as the technology works towards betterment of our society. We can invest in a trusted water purification system for our home and office and take a great step towards protecting yourself and your family.

Stay Protected from Water contamination and enjoy a great healthy life !

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