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September 23, 2018

How Water Affects your Thyroid Health?

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Our Body has billions of cells and they rely on a perfectly working thyroid gland because it produces thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone maintains body metabolism and is very crucial for proper functioning of body and mind. If you feel symptoms like poor concentration, fluctuating weight, puffed face etc. Then you should get your thyroid check immediately.

People suffering from thyroid need to be very careful about their diet, exercise routine along with the water they consume. Thyroid is classified in three patterns, hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, or autoimmune thyroid disorder. Tap water is treated with floured and chlorine before it reaches your home these chemicals may block the iodine receptors in thyroid gland and increase the problem many fold.

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Drinking pure and healthy water is the need of our body to maintain proper body function and avoid various chemicals hazards and diseases which are found in water. In this blog we will go deeper into how your drinking water benefits thyroid.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water for Thyroid

Fluid Balance

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We have 80% water in our body and it is very important that we maintain proper balance of fluids, even 1% water deficiency may lead to severe dehydration. Water helps in proper digestion, formation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, maintaining blood pressure, regulating body temperature. Maintaining proper fluid balance is a natural home remedy for thyroid disorder.


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Our body excretes toxins with the help of liver, kidneys, skin and intestines and water plays an important role as all these organs rely on water to do their functions of toxin removal. Without proper water in the body it becomes very difficult to remove toxins, also we need to be sure that the water we intake is not inducing toxic in our body. Common source of toxins is tap water which constantly supplies you with chlorine and fluoride. Chlorine is known to cause cancer in long-term and fluoride is a neurotoxin which hamper brain and glands functioning.

Bowel Function

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Many people suffer severe constipation, some may find it difficult to pass stool for many days. Constipation is a major problem associated with thyroid gland disorders. When your body doesn’t get enough water it start to absorb water from stool and this causes the stool in your body to solidify and results in constipation. This severe disorder leads to high toxic levels in body and gives rise to many diseases like hypertension, blood pressure, hormonal imbalance and much more.

Improves skin and hair

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Skin and hair needs proper water balance to stay healthy. Thyroid disorders make skin and hair dry. It is very important to stay hydrated and also making sure that we drink water from the right source can help in naturally curing thyroid with the help of water. Let’s now discuss the different types of water and their impacts on your body.

Water to Avoid for a good thyroid health

Tap Water

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Everyone knows that tap water is contaminated with chlorine, fluoride and many other chemicals and biological microorganisms like bacteria, virus etc. Drinking tap water without purification leads to a number of health issues. So it’s a clear warring that we should avoid drinking tap water at any cost.

Well Water

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Many Indians still don’t have access to clean and pure drinking water, due to no or poor infrastructure, they get water from well. Well water contains bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites and many other impurities, these can harm your body and thyroid functioning.

Water to Drink for a good Thyroid health

Reverse Osmosis Water

RO water purifiers are well known for their water purification technology and also they are being used worldwide for their positive impact on human health. Water purified with RO technology is safe for your thyroid health. RO water purifiers are capable of removing all chemicals, impurities, microbes, heavy metals, salts and excess TDS from water very easily.

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These days some people used bottled water as its easy affordable and easy to get.  But they have no idea about what is the source of bottled water, how it is packed and processed, is it chemically treated or something else?

Drinking water from an RO purifier that has been installed in your home give you clarity and peace of mind about the water you are drinking and all the process the water has gone thru before it reaches your glass. Drinking pure and chemical free water is the key to thyroid health.

Spring Water

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Spring water is considered as one of the best source of natural mineral water. It contains low microbes like bacteria or virus and contains essential minerals for the body.

Considered as one of the best type of water, spring water helps in keeping your body hydrated. Spring water is low in bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic metals and chemicals which harm your body. Spring water also contains traces of essential minerals needed by the body.

Drinking water Tips, Home Remedies to Control Thyroid

We have discussed the health benefits of drinking water now let’s focus on some tips to keep your thyroid healthy.

  • Make it a habit of drinking at least one glass of water in the morning. Add some lemon for taste, as it will help in detoxifying your body.
  • Always take your breakfast after 30 minutes from drinking water it will help in better digestion and absorption of minerals.
  • Always drink warm water or normal water at room temperature. Avoid cold water and beverages as it often leads to increased thirst and interferes with digestion and thyroid disorders.
  • Stay Hydrated, carry pure and clean water with you.
  • Avoid drinking water from unknown sources when you are outside of you place.
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Drink pure and clean water if you have thyroid dysfunction, pay special attention to your diet, exercise and the water you drink. As mentioned above spring water is natural and best for thyroid health but it’s difficult to get spring water.

You can always install best quality and pocket friendly RO water purifier at home to get pure, clean and healthy water for a better thyroid health

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