December 9, 2021

If you go through the Internet, you will come across many articles and blogs about N95 respirators and what makes them good against germs and infections. Websites are providing comprehensive buying guides for people to make a wise purchase. Some have explained the anatomy of the mask and how it works and some bring you the details about the reliable vendors. If you look a little closer, you will notice that every website, be it government-owned, educational blogs, or affiliate web pages, will instruct you to buy a NIOSH-approved N95 mask. Even organizations like CDC and FDA strictly inculcate people to make sure that the mask they buy is NIOSH approved.

Owing to the high mandate, every website keeps protective wears after NIOSH approval and offers only NIOSH approved N95 masks for sale. But why are NIOSH-approved masks so crucial? Why can’t you use other masks? Have you ever thought that what makes NIOSH approval so important? Well, we have the answer to all these questions. But before that let’s know what does NIOSH approved means.

What do NIOSH-approved masks mean? 

NIOSH stands for National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. It is a federal agency that researches and makes the essential recommendations for preventing injuries and ailments at the workplace. It started in 1973 as a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention within the USA.

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NIOSH issues approval to a specific product that is properly evaluated in a laboratory before it reaches the market. When a respirator assembly is finished, it too undergoes proper evaluation in a lab to make sure that it complies with the public health regulations and requirements. Furthermore, NIOSH also assesses the quality plan and practices of the manufacturers. And if the manufacturing practices are considered satisfactory and the respirator passes through the rigorous evaluation, only then it is granted approval to be launched in the market. And this is what you call a NIOSH-approved mask.

Why are NIOSH-approved masks so important?

NIOSH-approved masks are important because they are certified to provide the wearer with adequate protection. They are provided with a 0.3 (mostly) micron filter, micro-ventilator, easy fit, and firm grip. They’ll genuinely offer you 95% filtered air, easy breathing within the mask, and effective ventilation. If you are using a non-approved mask, you can’t expect your mask with all these characteristics and block the airborne germs effectively. And if your mask is ineffective, your chances of catching germs can be doubled.

If you’re unsure whether a respirator mask you bought is NIOSH authorized, consult the CDC’s standard guidelines. One easy step for identification is to look for the NIOSH markings. Every NIOSH-approved respirators include a number of clearly visible marks and labeling on the respirator itself or the product’s packaging. Be aware of respirator masks that are completely devoid of NIOSH markings.

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Where to buy NIOSH-approved masks?

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