September 4, 2019

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a company which provides with food replacement supplements. It contains Soy Protein Isolate as the main ingredient. Soy protein isolate is made from soybean. The fat from the soy is removed to isolate it and make it healthier. The Formula 1 shake mix is used as a replacement for meals. This helps in lowering the calorie intake and hence making you healthier. An individual generally takes 300-500 calories a day. Herbalife nutritional shake mix brings this down to 170 calories.
However, if milk is added to the shake mix, the calories increase. The calorie increase depends on the fat content in the milk you use. You should avoid using milk with a high-fat content as it increases the calorie intake. Hence, the​ won't prove to be much beneficial.

How Does It​​​​​ Work?

This nutritional shake mix contains 9gm of protein. When you drink the shake, you feel the same as you feel after having a meal. You feel as if you have taken your meal and hence, are full. This meal replacement helps you lose weight by cutting down your calorie intake. Apart from calories, it has less fat content as well. This also contributes to your health. The shake mix contains many other supplements that are required for your body. The requirements of your body hence, have been taken care of.

​Benefits of herbalife Products

​As per Herbalife, the only motive to launch this nutritional drink is to help you reach your diet goals. However, ​they also intend to make it easier for you. Dieting can prove to be tough. Completely leaving your diet or eating very less makes you weak. This is not how you maintain yourself. You need a Health supplement which not only helps to lose weight but is a proper meal replacement also. This means you want to diet but not feel hungry as well. ​Herbalife nutritional shake mix does this for you.

Pros Formula 1 shake

  • Formula 1 shake is the best drink one can choose as a meal replacement.
  • It is available in different flavors. Hence, keeping the track tasty for you. You are free to pick one from the wide range of flavors available.
  • The nutritional shake contains 9gm protein. Therefore, you do not feel hungry. It is equivalent to the intake of a meal. This protein content grants 9gm sugar every day.
  • The shake mix ensures the intake of a regulated amount of calories. Generally, one intakes 300-400 calories. The shake mix brings it down to 170 calories only.
  • The Formula 1 shake mix contains only 1g of fat. Hence, cutting down your fat intake to a great extent. The intake of fat grants calories. Therefore, less intake of fat refers to less intake of calories. It has already been mentioned how less calorie intake helps in weight loss. 

Flavors ​of Herbalife Formula 1 Shake

Formula 1 shake is the meal replacement everyone desires for. If you are looking for a simple remedy to stay in shape, this is the one for you. And guess what? Formula 1 shake is available in different flavors. Everyone has a different taste. Therefore, sticking to a single flavor seemed to be unjust. Formula 1 flavors include VanillaStrawberryBanana Caramel, Wildberry, Dutch Chocolate and many more. You can hence pick up your favorite flavor. You do not have to compromise with the taste to lose weight.

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It is an important element needed by our body to function properly. But, reducing its intake helps in weight loss. On a daily basis, one generally takes 2.3 grams of sodium. The Formula 1 shake mix contains only 140mg of sodium. Sodium forms the water of your body. It is known that most of our body weight is water. Cutting down sodium intake help in losing water weight


They provide minerals to the body. This makes it an essential component. We grow with the help of minerals. Many functions in our body take place with their help. Therefore, these cannot be ignored. The Formula 1 shake mix contains 210 mg of minerals in the form of potassium.


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They provide us with energy. The energy stored in muscles is in the form of carbohydrates. This energy comes into play whenever our body needs it. Keeping this in mind, we have added 13g carbs to the shake mix. But, little did you know that nearly 45-65% of the calorie content you take in a day is the contribution of carbohydrates. Cutting down the intake of calories is the first step for weight loss. This has been discussed already. Therefore, the fact that most of the calories are formed of carbs cannot be ignored. Therefore, The Formula 1 nutritional shake mix contains a regulated amount of carbohydrates.

Dietary fibers

Our body is not designed to digest dietary fibers. Therefore, most fibers are not of any use for us. Although our body lacks enzymes that help digest fibers, the bacteria in the intestines of our body contains some enzymes that can help digest these fibers. This is why regulated amounts of plant fibers called dietary fibers can prove to be beneficial for us. This is why ​nutritional shake mix contains 3g of dietary fiber. As it is a plant fiber, it is considered to be very beneficial.
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The role of regulated sugar amount has been discussed so many times already. Sugar is the basic element which should be avoided or taken in fewer amounts to losing weight. Intake of more sugar contributes to more calories. So, We have kept the sugar content as low as 9g. The sugar is in the form of Fructose. However, if you add milk to the shake mix, the calorie content increases.
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The percentage by which the content goes up depends on the fat content of the milk. More fat means more calories. This is why we have kept the fat content low in the shake mix as well. If you add milk, that too the one containing fat, the whole idea of keeping the contents like sugar, fats, etc. low so that they contribute to fewer calories goes in vain. If you are the one who is habitual of milk intake, it is advisable to use the milk with the lowest fat content.

Ingredients and their benefits

​Herbalife nutritional shake mix contains 21 vital vitamins, important minerals and essential nutrients required for your body.

​It intend to give you a break from those typical diet schedules. With The Formula 1 nutritional shake mix losing weight has been made easier. You do not have to skip meals and starve yourself. All you need to do is replace your meals with this nutritional shake mix.

This shake mix contains all vital elements a balanced diet must contain. We have just regulated the intake of each element for you. The intake of this shake mix equals the intake of a full-fledged meal. Therefore, you do not at all feel that you are on a diet.

Also, you do not need to compromise with your taste. The shake mix is not like a typical diet shake which comes in a single awkward taste. Instead, we bring to you a wide range of flavors which include Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana Caramel, Wildberry, Dutch Chocolate etc. We understand you are already working hard towards losing weight and expecting you to compromise with the taste as well, is unjust.

How to buy

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Nutritional Shake Mix​

​Herbalife intends to make the world Healthier and Happier. ​You won't regret trying Formula 1 nutritional shake mix. It is a full-fledged protein drink which not only contains all the essential components required by our body but also regulates the intake of each of those components for you.

The shake mix helps you accomplish your weight loss goals. It is delicious. ​You do not have to compromise with the taste. The shake mix provides you with the required nutrition and keeps you fit as well. ​. With Herbalife nutritional shake mix, ​You can aim at making your health goals a reality.

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