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September 4, 2019

Herbalife for weight loss

Herbalife Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder - 200g

Herbalife as clear by its name aims at helping you stay healthy and maintain yourself without using any artificial techniques. We tend to help you with your goals of weight loss. But, at the same time, we also do not want you to follow a strict diet schedule.

Such a diet schedule does more harm than good. These diet schedules are not only tough to follow but also can have adverse effects on your health. Let's discuss in detail the reasons as to why this happens?

Does Skipping Meals help weight loss ?

We have always been taught that we must take a healthy and balanced diet. While following a diet routine, we generally stick to a particular type of meal or starve ourselves by skipping meals. Both cases are equally bad for our health. In the first case, we intake a diet which is deficient of many important ingredients.

This may lead to a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals. In the second case, you may feel weak and lethargic. You might even feel dizzy. Therefore, even if the above methods seem to help you lose weight, it is not worth it. Also, these methods work for a short span. As soon as you come back to the same routine, you start gaining weight again. Hence, making the above methods less effective as well.

​Benefits Of Personalized Protein Powder From Herbalife

​Herbalife has launched a series of products which help you in losing weight. These products work as a complete balanced diet. Therefore, you do not have to starve yourself. One of ​the products which serve best if you wish to customize your protein intake is Personalized Protein Powder. The protein powder does not only serves as a complete protein but also satiates your hunger. 

Therefore, you do not end up feeling hungry all day long in the name of losing weight. After all, our body needs essential nutrients to keep functioning. If we do not provide proper nutrition to our body, it may stop functioning temporarily or even permanently in severe cases.

Ingredients of Personalized Protein Powder from Herbalife

The protein powder is made up of soy and whey. Both of them work wonders for your health. Whey protein helps to build muscle strength. Whey protein is also a great source of amino acids like cysteine and methionine. Both of the amino acids are extremely good for muscle development. The Formula 3 protein powder hence not only helps to lose weight but also works as a complete nutrition provider.

So, as mentioned earlier, you won't have to compromise with your nutrition intake to lose weight and maintain your body. The Formula 3 protein powder not only satisfies your hunger but also controls it. So, you won't feel hungry and tempted to eat something after short intervals as you would otherwise feel.

Minerals & Amino Acids In Formula 3 Protein Powder

The protein powder despite customizing your protein intake provides you with complete protein content. It contains the 9 essential amino acids. Amino acids are essential for our growth and they also contribute to a healthy body. The amino acids in Formula 3 protein powder include


This amino acid is very important to maintain acid-base balance in the tissues and blood. As it is related to blood, it is present in hemoglobin. Maintaining the balance of blood is essential as the blood supplies oxygen all over the body. This makes histidine an important component.


It helps in the regulation of blood sugar and energy levels. Our body converts carbs to glucose. This is then used in the form of energy. The regulation of blood sugar level ensures the effective use of glucose.


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This amino acid helps prevent muscle loss be protein break down and hence has an important role. This is why it is necessary to include protein with leucine in your diet.


Lysine plays a major role in supporting the immune system. It also helps in building proteins.


This amino acid helps in producing other beneficial molecules for cell functioning. This also helps in the production of cysteine, which itself is an amino acid that contains sulfur.


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It helps in protein and molecule building. It serves other important purposes as well. It has been observed to provide relief in cases of pain, skin disorders, depression, etc.


This amino acid plays a major part. It tackles all the nervous system disorders. Therefore, excluding it from your diet is not affordable.


This is another major amino acid. It is important as it produces certain brain signaling chemicals.

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This amino acid prevents muscle break. It also helps in muscle regeneration and growth by supplying extra glucose to them. It helps in energy production.

All amino acids are important. They help in protein production. The amino acids cannot be produced by our body on its own. Therefore, it is necessary to include them in your meal. Keeping in mind the benefits of amino acids, we have made sure you get all of them through Formula 3 Protein powder.

Why choose Formula 3 protein powder.

Herbalife formula 1(Kulfi) with Personalized Protein Powder(200gm)+Afresh(Lemon)

​Herbalife also made sure that the protein powder enriches you with low-fat protein. This is why ​they have kept the fat content as low as 4g. Apart from the fat content, the carbohydrate content is 4g as well. ​They have put in all efforts to keep the protein powder light in terms of calories and fat but, filling at the same time. This is done with the intention to make your weight loss easy.

The protein drink is free from fats, carbs, cholesterol, Blacksalt, sugar or sweeteners up to a great extent. Is this not what you avoid when you plan a strict diet. But, you end up missing on important nutrients as well. Hence, causing yourself more harm than good. The Formula 3 protein powder cuts down on all these without compromising on the vital nutrients. This is why you should choose Formula 3 protein powder.

Directions to take Formula 3 Protein Powder

Herbalife Formula 1(French Vanilla) with Personalized Protein Powder(400gm)

It is advisable to take The Formula 3 protein powder 3-4 times daily. If compared to the taste of other Herbalife products such as The Formula 1 shake mix, it may vary adversely. As the protein powder is completely plain and unsweetened, it might not be of a pleasing taste.

We know how hard it is to follow a diet routine. Although ​it has been made ​easier for you. Herbalife do not want you to compromise with the taste. Therefore, it is suggested to add The Formula 3 protein powder to any sort of shakes, soups, sauces, yogurts, etc. If you want a complete meal replacement, this protein powder can also be added to the Formula 1 shake mix.

The Formula 1 shake mix is available in many different flavors. Hence, you do not have to compromise with the taste. You can pick up your favorite flavor. We have Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana Caramel, Wild berry, Dutch Chocolate and many more on shelf.

Is taking Protein powder safe for health ?

​Each tablespoon of the protein powder contains 5g protein. ​Herbalife do not want you to lack any of the essential nutrients required by your body. Therefore, ​Herbalife protein powder is packed with a regulated and efficient amount of all the vital nutrients. This means that you do not need to worry about any health impacts caused by lack of nutrients.

What is the approximate cost of ​ Personalized Protein Powder?

​Herbalife have always given priority to​ customers. ​​A package of Herbalife protein powder costs Approximately around INR ​1500 to 1800.


​Herbalife products are very effective. ​Herbalife want to provide you with the best products which give relevant results. Weight loss is a tough task. Following the traditional methods of weight loss are really tiring. Although traditional methods like work out are important, it is important to take care that you take a rich and balanced diet as well. 

​Herbalife products make it easier for you. ​The ​ range of products including supplements like meal replacements, health care, nutritional and growth care. Formula 3 protein powder is one of those products which ensures you intake a customized amount of protein including all the essential amino acids. ​Herbalife believe in making the world healthier and happier.

Personalized Protein Powder from Herbalife Review. ​Too many Benefits, Read for instant weight loss and Energy gain.

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