July 15, 2021

Sun’s out; summer’s in, the days get longer and hotter. How do you plan on enjoying the summer heat?

Reports show that California and Nevada will be experiencing the hottest heatwave ever. When summer is in full swing, it’s inevitable that you get to blast your AC 24/7. However, with summer days getting hotter, how sure are you that your units are in peak condition?

Check out these 12 summer HVAC maintenance tips to beat the heat.

  1. Have Your Seasonal AC Maintenance

The first thing you should do is have your seasonal HVAC maintenance check. It’s best to have your AC maintained before mid-summer. This is often when the temperature is at its highest.

Neglecting to maintain your air conditioning unit can make present problems worse. Your unit will become more susceptible to damages once you start using it more during the summer.

The best time to have your AC  serviced is during mid-spring. A seasonal AC maintenance can help you prevent high-cost repairs. You may also continue enjoying your AC in its best condition.

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  1. Be On the Lookout for Potential AC Problems

One good tip on how to maintain your air conditioning unit is to keep a lookout for possible AC problems. If something doesn’t seem right on your AC unit, call for your local HVAC professional to have a good look at it. Sometimes, some parts of your AC can wear out or get blocked during summer.

  1. Clear Out Your Vents

Inspect the vents of your air conditioning unit during your usual maintenance schedule. Dust, fur, and other general debris can build up quite fast in your HVAC vents. It’s important to understand that even small volumes of this dirt can have a huge effect on your unit.

Your unit works best if there are no barriers to the flow of air inside your home. Make sure to perform a thorough inspection of your vents. Vacuum your AC’s components to prevent or get rid of any blockages that can overwork your AC.

  1. Clear Out Your Outdoor Areas

One HVAC maintenance tip you can consider is to check the surrounding area of your AC. The area must be clean and free from anything that can block it. Plants, branches, or shrubbery debris can block your AC’s vents. It’s better to transfer them to other places.

During autumn, make sure that you remove the leaves surrounding your unit daily. Doing this task is not only for summer but a year-long tip on maintaining your AC.

  1. Put Shade on Your Condenser

A simple and quite effective tip on maintaining your AC is to put a shade on your condenser. When your condenser is being exposed to direct heat, it gets hot fast. The hotter your condenser becomes, it works harder than usual.

Keep in mind that you need to avoid the airflow of your unit from getting blocked. Ensure to provide a shade that will keep your condenser from heat and not block any of your vents.

  1. Check On Your Air Filters Every Month

It’s good practice to check your air filters every month. Dirty or clogged filters will make your unit work harder to draw in enough air. These will increase your energy usage as well as putting a major strain on your AC’s system.

Making necessary filter replacements is crucial to your unit’s performance and efficiency. If you’re looking for quality and affordable air filters, check out Discount Filters.

  1. Consider Upgrading Your AC

If all the tips and hacks still don’t help, consider investing in a newer system. Older units may cost more money every year from excess waste and cooling loss.

There are new AC units that are more cost-efficient. You can get recommendations for new systems from your trusted HVAC professional.

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  1. Close Your Doors and Windows

Always remember that your air conditioning unit’s purpose is to produce cool, conditioned air. Opened windows and doors will bring hot air in. Because of this, your HVAC will cycle harder to maintain the cool air it has generated.

This will then result in a higher energy bill. When you want to air out your place, turn off your AC to avoid energy waste.

  1. Treat Your Doors and Windows

When your house has more windows and glass doors, the temperature inside can be hotter. This is because the sun penetrates more places of your home from the glass. When that happens, you force your AC to overwork.

You can resolve this by investing in window treatments like blinds and drapes. Putting window covers on large, sun-exposed spaces can help you avoid heat buildup.

  1. Consider Using a Programmable Thermostat

One of the things that can help your AC from overworking is by availing of a programmable thermostat. What’s great about this is you can schedule and adjust the temperature and use of your AC depending on the weather. Thermostats not only help save money, but they also prevent you from overworking your AC.

  1. Use Fans to Maximize Air Flow

Putting in fans can also help you minimize the work your AC would be doing. Installing fans in different areas of your place can also make a huge impact on your air’s coolness. Rotating the use of your fans and AC can also help you conserve energy during summer.

  1. Try Reducing Heat From Other Appliances

Last but not least, avoiding the use of big appliances during the day can help ease the heat inside your home. When you plan to cook a huge meal, cook dishes that you won’t have to use much of your stove or oven. Grilling outside is a smart alternative for this.

Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Here are some summer HVAC maintenance tips to prepare you for this summer. Use this guide to beat the heat and continue enjoying your summer.

Looking for more tips on maintaining your air conditioning unit? Check out our other blog posts to discover more!

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