December 22, 2020

Setting up a local company in Singapore is a bit of a challenge. That is because there are a lot of things that you should do when you are in the beginning stage of your business. First, you need to think of a company name for your business.

Then, you need to select the product and services that you will sell. You must also find an office space for your new company set up in Singapore. In addition, having to incorporate company in Singapore is also essential so you can be legally registered. Lastly, you will need furniture to use for the office.

As a new entrepreneur, you might have thought that there is no need to put effort or thought into your office furniture. You may think that buying stylish furniture is not necessary and will only be a non-essential office decoration.

However, picking good office furniture for your new company set up office is very important. It has a lot of impact on your business that you might not have thought about. In this article, we will discuss why choosing good office furniture for your office is vital.

Reason #1 – Furniture makes your new company set up office spacious

Entrepreneurs, who are setting up a local company, used to believe that adding furniture will consume a lot of space. However, that is no longer the case because an office can now look spacious if the furniture is arranged properly.

Make sure that the furniture arrangement will give a wide space for movement. It should not be blocking pathways. It should not block your office windows or view.

If your pieces of furniture are placed right, your office can have a wide space no matter how small it is. It will not feel stuffy, instead, it will feel much more comfortable.

A good example of office furniture to invest in when setting up a local company are those multi functional ones. This will prevent you from buying too much furniture that can consume space.

That is because this type of furniture can have two or more purposes. Examples of these furniture types are cabinet tables. They are side-furniture where you can place items in the cabinet and on the tabletop.

Another example is the storage chair. With this, you can store documents and other items in the chair. Once you closed the lid, you can now sit on it. There are many more furniture like this that have dual or more purposes. Thus, be on the lookout for multi functional furniture for your new company set up office.

Reason #2 – Furniture improves employee work-life

Nowadays, cubicle-type workspaces are not working in this generation of workers. Business owners have seen the importance of having their employees interact.

Employee interaction helps them collaborate better. As a result, creative and effective ideas are formulated. The best way to achieve this is by using furniture that allows interaction.

Using a big table with many chairs is now common even in a newly incorporate company in Singapore. It keeps everyone, including bosses and employees, on the same ground level. This type of furniture allows every member of the team to be easily approached.

Furthermore, using furniture that promotes the employee’s wellness is vital in a new company set up office. Furniture like cabinet tables can be used to promote regular rest periods.

That one cabinet table can have snacks and powdered drinks stored inside. While the tabletop can be used to place a coffee machine or water dispenser. Thus, your employees will become more relaxed when working.

In addition, business owners should make sure that the employees are comfortable in their working space. The employees should not be suffering from back and bottom pains.

That is why buying furniture like cushioned chairs with a back and armrest are important. If the employees are more comfortable, the more productive they get.

Reason #3 – Furniture are tax-deductible

Setting up a local company in Singapore can come at a cost. That is why some business owners are not putting much thought when buying furniture for their newly incorporate company in Singapore. They think that if they buy a lot of furniture, they will be spending too much money.

However, keep in mind that the cost of furniture is considered tax deductibles. This means that they can lessen the tax you pay on the first year of your newly incorporate company in Singapore. Furthermore, they depreciate every year. If you buy new furniture, you can deduct that from your annual tax.

Thus, you can save taxes when you buy furniture annually so don’t feel guilty in putting some funds for your office furniture.

Reason #4 – Furniture can boost the company image

Employees of the newly incorporate company in Singapore are not the only ones that are benefiting from good office furniture. Everyone who comes to your office is benefited. Elegant-looking furniture can attract clients’ interest.

It helps them feel comfortable and motivated to go forward working with you. The furniture subconsciously encourages your clients to want to come back thus, they will likely continue working with you.

Furthermore, your clients can share their experience being in your office with other potential customers. It will be a good company image if they will say that the office looks nice.

They will also associate the furniture with a good working environment in your office. After all, the neatness of the office will reflect the company image on a more professional level. Thus, it is important that you buy good quality, functional, and modern furniture when setting up a local company.

In summary

Office furniture is not a mere display in your new company set up office. They play an important role in giving a pleasant and productive working environment.

They also build your company image that will attract more customers and investors. Thus, you can focus on the other important aspects of your business like buying good office furniture.

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