June 30, 2021

Drills are among the hand tools that make life easier when drilling or expanding an existing hole in professional construction work, simple home renovation work and hobby work.

It is possible to find drills with such a wide area of ​​use in the market with different features such as impact and non-impact, electric and cordless. As the variety of products for the needs in the drills increases, it becomes more difficult to choose. Is it hard for you to find a pegboard drill holder?

It is also sometimes difficult to choose between the increasing product variety for this need in drills and it can be undecided. In this case, having some basic knowledge about drills and knowing which drill can be used for what kind of work will help you while shopping for hardware.

Determining what kind of materials you will drill with the drill you will buy in your hardware shopping and your purpose in advance will guide you to the right choice.

Why should you buy a hammer drill?

Impact drills have an impact mechanism. This is a feature that facilitates the drilling process by impacting the material with a back-and-forth motion, as well as the rotation function while working. If the ground you are going to drill on is a durable concrete or metal material, you can choose a hammer drill. It is possible to find different types of hammer drills in different watts that can be used both in professional works and in simple renovations at home. For example; You can perform the most difficult screwdriving and drilling applications in wood and metal with an impact drill with 36 V battery voltage, capable of making 1800 revolutions per minute and applying 27,000 strokes per minute. Or, you can easily do simple breaking, drilling and screwdriving jobs in your home with an impact drill with an 18 V battery voltage that can apply 900 revolutions and 5,000 blows per minute.


Why should you buy a hammerless drill?

Impactless drills drill by rotating, do not apply impact. However, you can drill and screw in a durable stone wall or metal material with a high-speed drill without impact. You can get high efficiency in housework with a drill that can make 1300 revolutions per minute, and in wood and metal works with a drill that can make 3800 revolutions per minute.

You can choose your non-impact drill, which is often used in simple drilling and screwdriving jobs at home, taking into account the speed and torque levels of the device.

Should the drill be cordless or electric?

The only difference between electric and cordless drills is that power tools are used with an electrical connection, while cordless tools are used by charging. Cordless hand tools are more useful as they can be used without the hassle of sockets and cables. Cordless drills with LED light provide convenience for you to complete your work in case of power cuts or in working environments where the power is required to be disconnected. Since the batteries of cordless drills are designed to last for a long time, your renovation works will not be left unfinished. If you prefer to use electricity instead of following the battery, you can choose electric hammer or non-impact drills, and if you want to provide a practical use, you can choose cordless hammer or non-impact drills.

In order to be able to choose the right drill among hardware materials, you can examine the products on our website Hirdavat.com with their technical specifications. You can find all the hardware you need on our site, and you can quickly complete your hardware shopping.



When we try to buy drills, we get lost in brands and models, and we can usually buy very professional or very amateur drills rather than the model that will meet our needs. Here, as the Price&Me family, we have compiled the best drills for you so that you do not encounter these problems and can make an easy decision.


It is sufficient that the motor power of the drill you will use for amateur housework is between 500-800 Watt. If you are going to do work that will tire the drill, such as sandpaper, you should buy 900 Watt and above.

If you want to drill harder surfaces such as walls, concrete or metal, you should turn to hammer drills, but if you say that I can’t work on such surfaces, I can work on softer surfaces such as wood, wood, you don’t need to waste time looking at hammer drill models, non-impact drills will do the trick.

As extra information, you can also use all hammer drills in non-impact mode.

Also, if the drill has a keyless chuck (it would be better for you because you have to carry the key with you for the keyed chuck and it will run your business if it gets lost.

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