January 10, 2022

Get to know how to protect your home from intruders with these five easy and cheap ways to secure your home.


Every day the crime rate goes up tremendously, leaving many owners concerned about their family safety. Arriving at a new home or living in the one you grew up in without any form of “new” security tool is now seen as something dangerous, and that must change right away, inciting families to consider other security options beyond the ones already owned.


To help share some light on the topic, keeping information and facts accurate to reality. Still, without spreading fear or anxiety, below there’s a valuable article with five easy and cheap ways to make your home secure for your family, with options for every budget, need, and likings, as well as general tips, to prevent break-ins.

1. Lock Your Door

According to a study published by Home Security Store, with information collected from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, “the most common entry point for a burglar is a home’s front door,” with a shocking 34% of break-ins originating through this access point. Therefore, locking your front door counts as one of the best ways to secure your home to protect it from intruders.


Furthermore, suppose you recently moved into a new place. In that case, it is highly advisable to change the locks for extra safety. Apart from this, if you’re searching how to prevent break-ins, installing a deadbolt or a video doorbell can help you feel safer.

2. Secure The Windows

Especially if you have floor-to-ceiling windows or relatively big windows that a person could fit into, securing your windows is the second most important thing you should do to keep home safe.


Investing in some quality window locks, thus those already built-in are not as effective as people might think, will contribute to keeping you and your family safe. What’s more, going for a window security film to prevent intruders from breaking your window is another excellent and cheap way to secure your home.


Another great idea for owners looking everywhere online, “how to secure your home?” is planting some bushes with spikes under the windows, which should be kept trimmed to be able to see beyond the window and not turn this into a liability.

3. Invest In A Quality Security System

A security system can give you and your family peace of mind, as well as a fast and efficient source of help if anything happens. There are many options available in the market for every budget and need, and if you’re unsure which one to choose, you should consider the following key points.


  • Budget. Establishing a budget will help you narrow your options and allow you to afford it without compromising other expenses.


  • Neighborhood. If you live in an area prone to break-ins or you live near many people that have suffered the consequences of a burglar, it might be best to invest in ClearShield security doors.


  • House. Depending on the size of your house will vary the price of your security system as well as the coverage. Maybe you want to spend a little more money to make sure your garage is double-covered or your front door.


You can access your local police department’s crime statistics and reports to help you choose the best system for you. Furthermore, some companies can monitor smoke and carbon monoxide and offer you a complete package, which is highly advisable to consider.

4. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are becoming more and more popular among houses, despite their appearance or location. A survey conducted by KGW News asked 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary in the Oregon Department of Corrections how they broke into homes by sending ten different questions to which the majority answered the same thing: “burglars agreed security cameras were a deterrent.”


Installing security cameras in your front door and garage, as well as in the interior of your home if you want to, can help prevent intruders from even trying to break into your home.


It is advisable to invest in security cameras that can be observed and managed through a mobile phone app; that way, if you’re at work or anywhere else, you can still check on your home.

5. Check For Hiding Spaces

Beautiful gardens and backyards filled with plants or trees offer a lovely view from the interior of your house, but they can turn into a hiding space in an instant if not properly handled. Getting your bushes and tall plants trimmed to under window-length, as well as keeping big decorations, as well as ladders and stools, out of your sight (meaning that you don’t have to frantically move your head to each side to look past them) can help you have a clear view of your home and exterior.


If you have a gate, shed, or any other outdoor building where a person can easily fit in and hide, make sure to always keep them locked. What’s more, it is advisable to place some security system stickers, even if you don’t actually have a security system, to keep away as many opportunists as possible.


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