August 24, 2022

Swallowing pills is difficult for many people, and this becomes a big concern for the family members and the caretakers. In addition, people who fear swallowing pills generally suffer from Phagophobia, which indicates the fear of choking.

Many people have this kind of phobia but do not know about it. It’s better to know about your health conditions so that you can take steps according to your particular health conditions.

There are many people who don’t know the proper processes and use different kinds of foods and fruit juice to help swallow pills to the patients. However, it’s unnecessary because food is not made to swallow pills, and there are various side effects to such practice.

For instance, if you swallow pills with fruit juice or apple sauce, the added fibers can negatively impact a few medications. So, it’s better to avoid alternative things without any knowledge.

Ways Suggested By Pharmacists Help Patients Swallow Pills 

It is a very serious concern for the patients, and we cannot neglect the fact just because it is simple to us. If we take the assistance of the pharmacists, it will be helpful for the patients and us as well. Well, we have gathered effective ways suggested by pharmacists to swallow pills by the patients easily.

Let’s understand what pharmacists have to say on that.

1. Use Pill Swallowing Gel 

Using pill swallowing gel for professionals is probably the most efficient suggestion given by pharmacists. It has no side effects, and any patient can swallow pills with ease if they consider the gel. Patients will not be able to feel the hedge with the swallowing gel, and thus you can try it.

2. Use Proper Head Postures

This is another technique for swallowing pills for patients. This is the most natural process suggested by pharmacists. You can use different head positions to swallow pills.

For instance, you can take the pill in your mouth and then take some water and bend your chin forward to your chest and try to swallow it. On the other hand, you can also take water and put the pill in your mouth and immediately head back your swallow pill with one chance.

3. Use Guided Imagery

This process is especially for children who do not understand the swallowing process and have a fear of choking. You can show the real fact by showing the biological picture of the swallowing process for humans.

In that way, they will understand that the process might feel easy to swallow pills next time.

4. Practice With Candy

Practice makes it perfect, and the patients should try and practice with candy. When it is not becoming possible for the patients to swallow the pills, let them try with candy. In that way, they will enjoy the process and can also practice swallowing.

5. Let Them Take A Deep Breath

Many pharmacists think that it happens due to fear, but the patients are not always as weak as they seem. So, it’s better to lessen their panic. So, they suggest taking deep breaths and keeping calm before swallowing pills.

6. Use Flavored Throat Spray

Using flavored throat spray can be very useful for patients. This kind of spray uses odors that minimize the smell of medicine from the pills. So, it becomes easy for the patients to swallow pills without smells, and the spray works as a mouth smoother.

7. Pill-Swallowing Cup

Many pharmacists suggest pill swallowing cups to use for this kind of patient. An opaque cup can be very useful, and many pharmacies use these cups for patients who have difficulties with swallowing.

With an opaque cup, the patients might not notice or understand before they swallow the pill. So, it’s a trick that can be used.

Try Swallow Medication

If you try to use swallow medication instead of roaming for uneasy things and unknown methods, it can be difficult for the patients. It’s better to take advice from pharmacists, and thus this article can be useful for you. Follow the steps to enhance the efficiency of swallowing pills easily.

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