July 13, 2022

Summertime means it’s time to unwind by a lake or pool, read beneath a tree, or snooze on a cool porch. For homeowners, the shift in weather patterns should serve as a reminder to complete house maintenance duties, particularly those that are simpler to complete in favorable weather. Additionally, it makes sense to have your shtepi ready for any potential severe summer storms.


  1.  Clean or replace grills and filters on your summer maintenance checklist.

Refresh kitchen hood vents, return air grills, and furnace filters, among other things. These kinds of tasks are to be completed every three months. Filter replacement and/or cleaning maintains machinery operating at peak performance and flow while avoiding overstress to the point of failure.

  1. Get a roof inspection.

If your roof is older than ten years, it should be inspected for damage.

  1. Correct doors and tighten slack handles.

According to Campitell, temperature and humidity have an impact on how well doors and handles perform. Doors and handles may expand and stick in the summer due to moisture and humidity, whereas in the winter, when it is colder and drier, they may contract and release. Change your old dyer to new ones.

  1. Examine your landscaping.

Make sure that no trees or bushes are contacting or rubbing against the sides or top of your home, since this might result in damage during a storm.

  1. Examine the drains and gutters.

Check to see if they are secure, drain properly, and are free of debris. Add gutter guards or screens to help keep debris out.

  1. Think about power washing.

The outside of a property suffers from the effects of pollen, grime, and environmental variables. Pressure washing stops environmental pollutants from destroying the mortar, paint, seals, joints, and masonry that keep a home’s siding, windows, walks, and brick and flagstone patios from leaking wet.

  1.  Conduct an inspection from the outside.

Check for any problems that need to be fixed before the fall season, Campitell said. “It is simpler to examine for problems with decks, roofs, gutters, masonry, or foundation cracks when weather conditions are ideal, and the warmer temperatures are also favorable for performing the repairs,” he stated. “Materials like roof shingles can become brittle in cold weather.”

  1. Examine showers and bathtubs, and repair the caulking as necessary.

Water is kept from seeping into walls, where it remains concealed until water damage has set in, by checking showers and tubs for damage and repairing any caulk that is missing or cracked. A $695 repair for moisture damage behind walls is better than a $6.95 caulk replacement.


These are the troubles that most homeowners go through every summer. You might think that it is fun and easy to live in a vila but the truth is that it requires lots of work. And be ready for the tasks to multiply by your house size. And if you own a pool by home…well in the summertime you might need to clean that up.

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