August 28, 2021

 The mattress is an important household item, and exists in various shapes and forms in almost all Indian homes. They are usually durable and are built to last for a long time with regular usage. Since they can be a slightly expensive purchase, a lot of people tend to ignore their condition and use them way beyond their shelf life. This may not ideally be the best course of action, as mattresses being used beyond their optimal lifespan can harbour several dust mites and other allergens, leading to poor health and immunity. If they start sagging, then it could lead to poor back support and muscular stiffness. Overall, you may expect a poor quality of sleep, thereby affecting your mood, increasing your anxiety levels, and reducing the focus on your daily tasks.

What Do the Experts Say?

Most experts recommend changing your mattress every 6-7 years. It is worth noting that this is a common guideline and not necessarily a rule. There are several ways through which you can improve the life of your Centuary mattress, or a mattress belonging to any other brand, and ensure you enjoy the optimal benefits for a longer duration. Before we discuss how to improve mattress life, it is important to understand the factors that affect its lifespan, since they are mutually linked.

Factors That Affect Mattress Lifespan

Here are some of the main factors which can determine how long your mattress will last for, and should be kept in mind while purchasing your mattress online.

  • Care & Maintenance: Needless to say, like all other products, mattresses will last longer with appropriate care. Keep them clean, avoid spillage and stains. You can also use a mattress protector for this purpose. Air them out frequently and change bed sheets and pillow covers weekly.
  • Mattress brand: The modern-day mattresses come in a variety of materials. Popular brands like Centuary mattress engage in a lot of research and development into the design and composition of their products. This directly influences the lifespan of the mattress.
  • Mattress material: The longevity is also dependent on the material used in the mattress. For example, low-quality foam mattresses often have the shortest durability, as they can start to sag very quickly.
  • Weight: Mattresses come in several sizes built with certain weightage in mind. Naturally, the load being put on the mattress as the result of the weight of people will affect the pace at which the mattress disintegrates.
  • Lifestyle: It is not uncommon in India for the bed to act as a sofa or dining table as well. Eating in bed, or watching TV while in bed is bound to increase the time and load that your mattress will need to endure, thus shortening its original lifespan.



Tips To Improve Mattress Life

Now that we have ascertained what the key factors are that can affect the lifespan of your mattress, we can correlate them with some vital tips to give you the most value for your money, and prolong your mattress life.

  • The mattress needs to breathe as well. It is advisable to remove mattress and sheet covers regularly to air out your mattress, so that sweat and moisture don’t stay trapped inside. Else, this can become a breeding ground for several allergens. Well-ventilated rooms can also be beneficial in this airing out process.
  • Children will be children. Yet, it is important to not let your children jump on the mattress, as this can lead to dents, sagging or inconsistent troughs, leading to poor back support.
  • Mattress protectors are real lifesavers. Well, let us call them a real ‘mattress-saver’. Use a mattress protector to protect your mattress from spills, stains and dust. This can also contribute to an increase in the overall life of the mattress.
  • Just like the mattress supports your back, it also requires the support of a sturdy and robust bed frame. This ensures that the mattress retains its shape and firmness for a longer duration.
  • Ensure that you wash your bed linens regularly. This ensures that there is no formation of bacteria or dust mites.
  • Most of us have pets, and we adore them. However, letting them snuggle on the bed leads to the accumulation of dander and fur, which once again gives rise to bacteria and dust mites. Thus, this should be avoided as much as possible.
  • Experts encourage individuals to rotate their mattresses regularly. This ‘breaks’ the mattress evenly, resulting in a smooth and even form.
  • Lastly, clean the mattress regularly. This isn’t a ‘secret’, but it is well worth mentioning, as cleaning the mattress is important to its maintenance.


In Summation

Mattresses are an essential part of your overall well-being. A lot of people tend to ignore their true value and the importance of their upkeep. Since they can be expensive, it is all the more reason to ensure they are well maintained, and last as long as possible. When you look to purchase a mattress online, the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store can be your one-stop-shop. It is extremely convenient to check out the options from several leading manufacturers like Centuary mattress and many others. It is equally easy to then compare models based on the several available features, before arriving at your dream sleep companion.

This convenience is complemented by incredible discounts and lucrative financial provisions like no-cost EMIs, zero down payment on select models, and lightning-fast delivery speeds. With the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can avail many such offers, making your mattress purchase an enjoyable and affordable one.

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