July 6, 2022

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and with that comes many exquisite and mouthwatering dishes that the whole world would want a bite of.

Aside from Hainanese Chicken, Satay skewers, and the plethora of dishes in Hawker centers, baked goods are also hidden gems of the Lion City.

But baking calls for a sturdy mixer, and in SG, there are some great options for novice bakers up to the professional and artisanal bakers.

Check out this list of the great options for baking mixer in Singapore

  • Chefette

Space is a massive issue in Singapore. Most houses or apartments, instead, can go as small as less than 100 sqm. Now for the home bakers out there, a large-scale mixer wouldn’t do, but the Chefette is perfect for making small batches of Pineapple tarts. This cute little mixer comes with its 3Lmixing bowl with splash guard and doubles as both a hand and stand mixer! Buy now at only SGD 179

  • Prospero+

Appliances with dual or multiple uses are all the range in Singapore. Almost all households have an all-in-one washer-dryer or an all-in-one cooker, but have you heard of a blender-mixer-processor? The Propsero+ is a great kitchen tool that gives you all three! Buy now at only SGD429 and get a baking mixer that can work simultaneously with a blender or food processor!

  • Chef
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It’s a novice baker’s dream to have a large-scale baking mixer, and the Chef is perfect and cheaper than most options on the market! Available in 4.6L and 6.7L, this mixer is perfect for home bakers who want to whip up a cake or two for the fam! Buy now at only SGD 669

  • Cooking Chef

Remember the all-in-one mixer? Now think of it again but on steroids? The Cooking Chef is the ultimate at-home cooking machine that can mix, process, and blend. It starts at SGD2,499 and even comes with on demand concierge service to help you out in the kitchen! The cooking chef comes in two size variants, basic and XL that will cater to however big of a crowd you are serving.

  • Titanium Chef

Now for the pro chefs out there, there’s nothing like having an award-winning piece of kitchen equipment at your fingertips or even better at home. Awarded in the 2022 World Kitchen Awards, The Titanium chef is a top-of-the-line model that starts at SGD1,499. This high-performance baking mixer comes with all your needed attachment to make the perfect loaf of bread or the moistest chocolate cake you can think of.

Baking is an exact Science; too much of something can make catastrophic changes. That is why it is crucial to invest in tools and equipment that will give you the best results and make the yummiest baked goods ever.

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So whether you are an at-home baker, a highly trained chef, or just someone who wants to get into baking, take a look at these 5 great baking mixers that will surely change and revolutionize your baking skills and baked goods!

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