April 12, 2022

After the renovation in the bathroom is completed, it remains only to properly arrange all the accessories. Accessories for the bathroom and toilet should be functional, but at the same time complement the interior, creating a feeling of comfort. All kinds of holders, soap dishes, cups, shelves make the room convenient for use. Therefore, when choosing one or another set for the bathroom, you need to be very careful, take into account the features of the interior and other important factors.


A set of basic accessories for the bathroom


The plumbing room gets a complete look and becomes convenient for use only after placing all the necessary little things in it, which are needed not so little. At the same time, high-quality bathroom accessories are sometimes not cheaper than finishing materials. Therefore, any set for the bathroom should be chosen with great care. We list what accessories for the bathroom and toilet may be required.


  • bath caddy;
  • eco friendly soap dish for bar soap and/or liquid soap
  • mirror;
  • glass / holder for toothbrushes, disposable razors;
  • towel rack for face and hands.
  • bath and shower accessories:
  • shelves for hygiene products (shampoos, balms, scrubs);
  • holder for bath towels;
  • shower head attachment;
  • wall hangers for bathrobes and clothes;
  • shelves for clean towels;
  • anti-slip mat in the bath or shower;
  • inflatable pillow under the head;
  • foot mat;
  • basket for dirty clothes.
  • toilet accessories:
  • toilet paper holder;
  • shelf for detergents;
  • toilet brush.


As a rule, the bathroom does not have large dimensions, and a lot of little things need to be arranged. One part of the accessories can be mounted on the wall, another part can be placed on shelves, a sink, countertop, in bedside tables or cabinets, and the third part can be placed on the floor. At the same time, it is desirable that all these accessories are harmoniously combined with each other in style and functionality.


The material of accessories when choosing is very important!

Bath and toilet accessories can be made of glass, wood, plastic, metal, and various combinations of these materials. In terms of appearance and design and functional design, the choice of bathroom sets is very wide. There are so many options that it’s hard to stop at just one. And in this case, the choice is influenced by the price and material of manufacture of bathroom accessories.


A plastic bathroom set is the cheapest, moderately practical, but does not always look elegant. Holders or cups for toothbrushes, soap dishes and pumps made of plastic in the middle price category are very popular. Such sets can look bright, elegant, and at the same time very practical. But plastic shelves, hooks and wall hangers fail very quickly. They are best used as a temporary solution.


The advantage of plastic products is a wide choice of shapes and colors. It is not recommended to only purchase accessories with a shiny finish – imitation of chrome or nickel. Such a coating is very quickly scratched and erased. It is better to prefer black and white or color. Another plus of plastic accessories is the ability to use suction cups, that is, the walls do not need to be drilled.


The disadvantages of such products are low service life and the need for special care and operating conditions. Plastic does not like high temperatures, but it loves to accumulate salt and soap deposits, dirt on its surface, which take a long and tedious time to wash. Therefore, plastic products must be regularly washed, cleaned, and kept in order.


A set of glass bathroom accessories is a beautiful but impractical solution. Glass cups, soap pumps, various shelves look very elegant, rich, and the variety of shapes pleases. However, such products are more expensive, and beat very easily. In addition, glass accessories are even more difficult to care for than plastic ones. Any drop of water leaves a mark on the glass, streaks, and every touch leaves greasy marks on the surface.

Metal bathroom accessories are beautiful, elegant, but sometimes expensive. When choosing metal accessories, buyers face a huge range of prices.


Everything is quite simple and clear. The price depends on the quality of the product.


Wooden bathroom set – fashionable, stylish and even practical. Even though wood is said to be afraid of wet environments, wood bathroom products are also in high demand. There are many impregnations, paints, varnishes and oils for wood that protect it from high humidity. Simple wood accessories look especially advantageous in combination with tiles (especially light colors), because they emphasize the naturalness of color and texture.


What coating to choose so that wooden products last as long as possible? To do this, there are glossy and semi-gloss varnishes that are designed to protect against direct contact with water. These are the so-called “yacht” varnishes. It is worth choosing sets impregnated with this particular composition.


Accessories impregnated with compounds based on synthetic or organic oils will also last a long time. Such impregnation does not form a film on the surface of the parts, as is the case with varnish. The oil penetrates deeper, clogging the fibers, preventing water from penetrating into the pores of the wood. At the same time, oil impregnation allows you to give the tree almost any color – from natural brown to bright red, greenish or black and white.


Ease of use depends on proper placement


When arranging items in the bathroom, you first need to arrange the most important ones. If the room does not please with spacious dimensions, then you should not overload a small space with a large number of items. It is worth choosing only the most necessary accessories and arranging them in such a way that they can always be reached by hand.


For example, towel holders should be accessible so that they can be easily reached while in the bath or shower. At the same time, towel holders and clothes hangers should be hung away from the toilet so that they do not accidentally fall into it, in the case of a combined bathroom.


Cosmetics, shampoos, shower gels are best placed on a hanging shelf in the bath or shower. Also, away from the toilet you need to place toothbrushes for sanitary and hygienic reasons. It’s best to hide them in a locker.


Since the bathroom is a high-risk room for human life and health, you need to take care of safety. All sockets must be equipped with a special protective cover. And hinged shelves and lockers must be placed so as not to inadvertently hit their heads on them.


The special comfort of the sanitary room will be created by such decorative elements as:


  • live plants or their high-quality imitation;
  • wicker baskets for dirty things;
  • decorative and aromatic candles.


If you correctly place these accessories in the bathroom, then even an ordinary room can turn into a designer masterpiece. Laundry baskets with weaving or its imitation are available in various variations, both traditional and original. For example, if there are children, then it will be more interesting for them to swim in a room with a basket in the shape of a fish, cat or hippo. There are also children’s sets for soap and a toothbrush.


Even cosmetics and body, face and hair care products can give the room a cozy atmosphere. Manufacturers of perfumes, detergents and cosmetics care not only about the content, but also about the aesthetic appearance of their products. You can combine these little things in size, shape or color, creating interesting compositions on the shelves from ordinary cosmetics.


Selection of accessories to the general style of the interior


Bathroom decor elements should not contradict the overall style of the room, on the contrary, they should complement it harmoniously. For example, if the interior is designed in Eco-style, then it is important to choose the right accessories in a grassy green color scheme:


Rug is an important part of the bathroom

You definitely can’t do without a rug in the bathroom. This element is not just an interior detail to please the eyes, but also a functional accessory that protects feet from slippery and cold flooring.


When choosing a rug for the bathroom, the following rules should be observed:


it is necessary to have an anti-slip base with woven rubberized threads or rubber pimples;

soft and pleasant to the touch coating that absorbs moisture well: microfiber or acrylic fiber;

combination with other interior elements in color, shape and pattern;

the presence of shower curtains in the same style.

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