November 30, 2021

Outdoor furniture and entertainment settings are an increasingly popular feature being added to a large majority of homes across the state. These areas create a place to relax, entertain, and create new memories with family and friends. When it comes to outdoor furniture material choices, aluminium is at the top of many people’s lists for a variety of reasons with outdoor umbrellas, couches and lounges all becoming available in these strong and durable materials.

Today we’ll be going over some of the most popular benefits of aluminum furniture and why you should choose aluminium over any other outdoor furniture material.

Extremely Lightweight

Many people love that aluminium outdoor furniture is so lightweight and easy to pick up. This allows them to move the pieces around to suit each gathering or rearrange their furniture whenever they wish to refresh the look of their outdoor settings. It also works for those with back issues or elderly people who don’t want to string themselves whilst moving chairs and furniture around. For those that prefer to move their outdoor furniture setting into storage in the cooler months, aluminium furniture makes this a breeze.

If you’re in an area that experiences strong winds just be cautious that your aluminum furniture won’t move anywhere where it could cause damage or danger to someone.

Very Durable

In addition to being lightweight, the aluminium outdoor furniture styles and brands we offer are also known for their solid, reliable construction. This is a wonderful combination in outdoor furniture, and a major reason why our range of aluminium outdoor furniture is a best seller.

Aluminum frames can provide a strong framework that will support a large weight load. They also are used in the construction of synthetic wicker, providing a solid frame that will still support the chair if the weaving of the wicker breaks or is damaged.

Won’t Rust or Deteriorate

One of the most common complaints about metal furniture is that it can rust over time through exposure to the elements. However, aluminium cannot rust. Wooden furniture, as durable and beautiful as it is, often needs basic maintenance and oiling to prevent it from fading and suffering structural damage over time due to rain and sun exposure. Aluminium is not vulnerable to these conditions, therefore it will not deteriorate over time. This makes it a particularly ideal choice for those who live in areas prone to high precipitation and humidity or in coastal cities. A large majority of aluminum furniture on the market will also be UV coated to further resist the lasting effect that the sun’s rays can have on your furniture.

Minimal Maintenance

Aluminium outdoor furniture also needs very little upkeep and care to maintain its look and functionality. A light rinse with a garden hose or spot cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient.

Large Variety of Styles, Colours, Textures Options

Because aluminium furniture is so easy and affordable to make it means that there are an abundant range of colours and styles available. With many aluminum frames being coated in a powder coating, which is readily available in a large range of colours (similar to paint) it means that you can easily create a custom look for your outdoor area.

At Cosh, we offer a range of aluminium outdoor furniture styles for every taste and preference. From trendy to traditional, there is an abundance of designs to create a range of outdoor settings and desired atmospheres. Aluminium outdoor furniture options with textured surfaces brushed to resemble wood grain or a stylish “distressed” look are also available.

Aluminium furniture comes in an array of colours, from earth tones to colours that make a statement. Wicker furniture with sturdy, lightweight aluminium frames is also available. You can make an aluminium outdoor chair or outdoor dining setting eminently more stylish and comfortable with the perfect seat cushions.


Excellent Value

Lastly, in light of all the features and benefits that aluminium outdoor furniture has, it is also an affordable way to decorate your outdoor settings. Outdoor Furniture Ideas offers the highest quality aluminium outdoor furniture at the best prices.

To find the best furniture for your outdoor entertaining space visit your nearest Cosh Living showroom in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. We have an experienced garden furniture team who can help guide you in the right direction and find the perfect pieces for your outdoor space.

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