September 25, 2021

There are plenty of ways of decorating your dining table or, for that matter, other tables in the house to make them look interesting and add to the ambiance of your home. You can make a splash with a well-chosen table runner on your dining table, coffee table, or for that matter, even a dresser. These simple devices are not only highly affordable but also available in a large variety of materials, designs, textures, and colors, not to speak of shapes and sizes. You can be sure you can find one that goes with your sense of aesthetics and home décor or any special occasion, for which you may be doing up your house. Some tips on buying table runners to enliven your home:

What Materials Should You Look Out For  

There is a vast array of fabrics and materials used to make runners for tables. One of the most popular is cotton, which is universally appealing for its simple yet elegant looks. Runners made of cotton can take the grind of daily use with ease, require little care, and are easily washed. If you want a heavier material but want to stick with cotton, you can consider twill, which according to Masterclass is durable and does not show stains easily.

Another classic runner fabric is linen that enhances the looks of your table with its rustic looks and texture. Linens runners are perfect when you want to create an inviting and relaxed environment for casual get-togethers. Linen is also easily machine-washable. Then you can buy a custom table runner made from blended fabrics that make it durable, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. Usually available in a variety of styles, these runners may also feature trims that may be lacy, scalloped, or fringed. You can also buy runners made from velvet or a variety of silks for fancy occasions while sticking to cotton or linen for daily use.

The Style Makes the Difference 

The style of the runner you buy depends on many factors, the most important of which are the formalness of the occasion, the existing décor of your home, your sense of aesthetics, and the table setting. While picking white is a good technique for cutting across the confusion of color selection, it also makes it easy to match your white dinner napkins. If you have a distinct color preference, you can choose one with a pattern or a solid color that goes well with the rest of your furnishings. For casual occasions, you can choose checks or floral patterns that make your dining room brighter. Solid colors and stripes in understated colors go well for formal dinners. While a long runner creates drama on the table, a short one brings into focus the centerpiece while leaving enough space for the placemats.


Picking runners for different kinds of table settings and tables is an art. There are very few rights and wrongs about it; however, you need to ensure that the runner you choose adds to the impact of your table setting. With a large variety of runners available, buying one to suit your table is not difficult at all.

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