March 16, 2022

The terms modern and contemporary are often used interchangeably, but when it comes to design, they are two distinct styles.


Modern refers to a specific period in time, whereas contemporary is not tied to a specific period, but rather reflects the here and now.


While different, there are some similarities between modern and contemporary design. Both styles tend to favour simple, uncluttered design, often featuring smooth, clean lines and artistic flair. Neither style generally features heavy elements, though contemporary design can often break this rule as it changes with current trends.


Sofas in both modern and contemporary designs often have exposed legs, giving your home an elegant and timeless feel. When choosing a high quality sofa and lounge for your home, carefully consider what style best suits your desired aesthetic.

Modern style

Defined as being from the early to mid-twentieth century, modern design was the precursor to contemporary design.


The modern style focuses on simple form and function. It is a popular style within home interiors, providing luxurious appeal, while still giving a feeling of warmth and comfort.


Modern designs generally have an earthy and neutral colour palette, with feature shades of olive greens, browns and rust. Utilising natural materials, like wood, stone, and leather, modern design favours strong, clean lines, so you will often find leather lounges with streamlined silhouettes as part of a modern aesthetic.


Modern sofas have a timeless appeal that will look stylish in your home for years, so you may want to buy quality leather chairs to bring the modern style into your home.

Contemporary style

Contemporary design doesn’t refer to a specific period in time, rather, showcasing current trends and reflects the popular styles of the current day.


The style has many variations, with contemporary design constantly evolving. It borrows qualities from other style aesthetics, such as minimalism, art deco, and modernism, without focusing entirely on any of them.


There are a few qualities commonly found within contemporary design, such as neutral palettes, and organic silhouettes. Where modern designs lean towards strong lines, contemporary often features curved lines.


Contemporary design tends to stick to a colour palette of black, white and grey, and if colour is added, it is often bold tones, rather than anything muted to create contrast. Monochrome leather lounges sit comfortably within contemporary design, making them a great choice for your home if you’re wanting to give your seating area an update.

Choosing the right sofa for your home

A sofa is a key piece of furniture in your home. It is an investment you will have for years, so it’s important to buy a quality sofa and lounges.


Choosing a sofa style can be hard, as you want a design that you won’t get sick of. Consider your interior style, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve.


Are there other elements in your home that influence the style? Or, perhaps you’re starting from scratch, in which case you can pick out a sofa you love and build the room design around that key piece.


You want to create a comfortable and welcoming space within your home, and your sofa is often a focal point in the room. Contemporary and modern sofa styles feature neutral colour palettes, they work well with other colours and patterns within the room.


When considering a contemporary sofa, you may want to think whether this style will still be something you enjoy in years, or will it date more quickly. If you prefer contemporary style you may want to update your home style more regularly as the interiors trends change, whereas if you prefer a more classic style, leather lounges in a neutral hue will never go out of style.


You may not want to be limited by choosing one decor style, in which case, modern and contemporary designs can work well together to create your desired home style.


With a range of quality sofas and lounges, Berkowitz Furniture can help you find the right piece of furniture for your home.

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