September 9, 2022

First of all, let’s ask the guys a question: How do you think you can shop best Mattress for Side Sleepers? Is it the more springs, the better the performance of the mattress?


The answer is: No!


  1. How many reasonable number of springs?


Take a standard mattress of 1.8 x 2 meters, how many springs is reasonable?


Metaphorically, 6.5 turns of independent pocket springs, wire diameter (diameter of the wire) 2mm, caliber (diameter of the spring) 5cm (most of the standard independent pocket springs on the market the same configuration), but also take into account the thickness of the outer wrapping of the non-woven fabric, the basic to count to about equal to 6.1cm such diameter.


That is, the area occupied by an independent pocket spring should reach more than 37 square centimeters, and we a standard mattress area is 36,000 square centimeters (180 times 200 cm).


Buy a mattress also have to look at the number of springs inside how many? This business will not easily tell you the secret is ……


Divided by the two, you can get a standard mattress roughly estimated down, laying full words can be stuffed with 960 6.1cm caliber independent pocket spring. And a 1.8 x 2 meters of the classic model mattress contains the number of independent pocket spring: 960.


  1. The number of springs on the market in general merchants?


No contrast is not highlighted, in the market to find two comparative spring number, a 700, a 750. as well as the spring is about the same standard independent pocket spring, mattress size is also 1.8 x 2 m standard mattress.


However, different businesses, mattress production process also varies, plus the mattress filled with different ratios of materials, the differentiation between different mattress business is evident.


  1. The more the number of springs the better?


After saying less, and then say more. There are many non-black and white friends will go to the other extreme: since the lessdoes not work, we will report to the high! Anyway, customers do not know the market, good to fooled very much.


Spring for a small diameter wire diameter thin, which is not the number of up well, some businesses advertise the number of springs two or three thousand, and even more number of gimmicks.


Do not rush, is very simple math multiplication and division. First look at the mattress size, and then look at the caliber of independent pocket springs, the area of the two divided, the heart will probably have a number.


Again, for example (data only for comparative analysis and exchange), 3.5cm caliber of small diameter springs, including the outer wrapping of non-woven fabric, almost 4cm it. The same 1.8 x 2 m standard mattress. 36,000 square centimeters of mattress size divided by 16 square centimeters of small-diameter independent pocket springs occupy an area, theoretically can be covered with 2,250, the data given by the business is 1,974, nearly 300 less.


Then, there are good learning partner asked: since theoretically the mattress has so many springs, why no businessman filled it? And even hundreds less it?


The answer is also very simple: not comfortable plus cost savings.


  1. Spring mattress market big reveal!


① Use a lot of sponge solid edge


Spring is vital, but only one of the three components of the mattress, a mattress composed entirely of spring is unable to sleep, but also has to add the middle filling layer and surface fabric layer, which is a qualified spring mattress. As well as there is a very important mattress solid side, is the mattress around the fixed filling material, play a good role in protecting the spring, also represents the use of the mattress.


Even hundreds of thousands of black standard mattress, not all spring composition, surrounded by a large number of sponge solid edge.


Simply put, the smaller the area of the spring in the mattress (the smaller the number), it represents a standard mattress, excluding the spring part, all around is unable to allow us to effectively use (poor sleep and easy to collapse), which means that we can not sleep comfortably, only a small part of the place to get a comfortable sleep experience.


② Spring solid edge false propaganda


Just like buying a house to see the actual use of the area rather than the building area, the focus of calculating the number of springs is not more than who is less, but than the mattress can really let customers use the area.

Some businesses use customers feel that the more springs the better the psychology of the second best, the appearance of the whole bed are covered with springs, the results of the disassembly, only the mattress around the use of expensive independent pocket springs, the core is the cheapest Bonnier springs in the whole network. The pursuit of quantity, but easy to fall into the business of substandard marketing trap, such as the above picture of this fake independent pocket spring mattress, spring wrapped edge really let people defensive.


As an expert in the field of sleep, Sweetnight Sweetnight has been rigorous and meticulous, the attitude of excellence, adhere to do a good job every mattress, good service to every customer. With the love for the mattress industry, has also been insisting on doing the mattress and sleep-related content science, hope to let more partners understand the mattress, so that you can buy a mattress less detours.

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