March 17, 2022

Kitchens are evolving into more than “culinary” rooms. We use them as spontaneous workspaces, conversational, and family socialization spaces. Our kitchens are gradually blending in and moving closer to our living area. Kitchens are turning into multifunctional rooms. From cooking to socializing, the space in your kitchen can affect the quality of time you spend in your kitchen.

So, how do you create and embrace space in your kitchen? Here are some ideas to fully expand and make the most out of your kitchen.

Remodel your kitchen and optimize your layout

Turn your kitchen into a more cozy and livable space by embracing the ‘’open concept’’ in your kitchen. Go wild and extra by taking down walls or any partition separating your living area or the dining room and the kitchen. Open floors may give a spacious feel to your kitchen. You can use the open space to create open shelves. The open shelves can act as a partial partition and as additional storage space in your kitchen. You can leave some of the shelves bare to get more visibility and an illusion of a bigger space in the kitchen.

Taking down walls can be a complex process. Keep in mind that the walls may be load-bearing and may house other essential elements such as water pipes or electrical wires. Such kitchen remodeling projects may require the input of a remodeling contractor.  Removing a load-bearing wall is not a DIY project. You may end up damaging the structure of your home. A kitchen remodeling contractor will leave the structural integrity of your home intact.

Make awkward corners and dead spaces in your kitchen more functional

Don’t forget the unused or awkward corners in your kitchen. You can use such corners to create more storage spaces or more hosting space for your family and friends. Create a stylish pantry, put more shelving units, create a little dining area or breakfast nook, an office space, or seating spaces with pull-out storage units.

You can also build open shelves above the window to create more storage space. You can use this space to display your artistic bowls, art, or plants. Use the remaining walls to make hangers to hold your fruits or planters.

Accent your open kitchen with a kitchen island

The first thing we notice when we walk into a kitchen is the island. They are sensational but can take up substantial space in your kitchen. As you design or remodel the island, think about the space around the island and how you can maximize the space. Indulge your kitchen remodeling contractor as you explore ideas to add extra storage space, working or counter space or additional sitting area in your kitchen. Go for sleek designs and backless seats that tuck in. Bulky seats or stools can eat up the walkable space around the island.

You can add a floating or collapsible countertop on your island to get more working or hosting space. If you love glass finishing in your kitchen, you can turn your island into a statement piece by going for glass tops, glass storage units, or glass stools. Modify the glass thickness to suit your needs.

Use the corner space on the island to create more storage space.

Hanging shelves above the island

If you are looking for more storage space, maximize the island by adding enclosed cabinets.  Add more storage over your island by fixing hanging shelves above your island.  Use stainless steel or brass to get an eye-striking finishing. Choose unconventional shapes and designs to create a picturesque scene around and above the kitchen island.

Turn your cabinet doors and under cabinets into functional storage spaces

Create racks and organizers on unused cabinet doors. You can also get hooks, magnets, and hangers for smaller items, dish towels, chopping boards, or pots. Use gripper clips on the cabinet doors to hold your spices. These are simple add-ons that you can DIY. Don’t forget the under-sink area. Use waterproof material to create cost-effective storage units. You can go for wire and stainless-based materials to create racks and organizers. If your under-sink space has pipes and other plumbing essentials, use slide-out storage solutions to maximize the space.

Use the under-cabinet space to create a wine glass holder.


Turn all the spaces in your kitchen into functional storage spaces. Use your island, under-cabinets, cabinet doors, kitchen walls, and corners to create functional storage spaces, sitting, or dining areas. Consider working with a kitchen remodeling contractor as you expand and add more storage space to your kitchen.




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