Roofing Materials
November 3, 2021

Most home renovation ideas revolve around kitchen, bathroom, and landscaping. You can be concerned about these areas for their immediate impact on your home’s appeal and performance. Due to this, you can find yourself spending more time deciding what should and shouldn’t go there. Even a minor crack or dated feature can get your urgent attention, and you may try to fix it. Of course, you are not doing anything wrong. Every part of the house is significant. And places like the kitchen and bathroom necessitate a closer look. After all, they are responsible for your nutrition, hygiene, and health. That is why you should renovate the bathroom by replacing the old sinks by installing new ADA-compliant bathroom sinks and vanities as it will improve the appearance of your bathroom. If you are planning a home extension, visit Supa Group for all the help you need.

You have to be quick about certain fixtures to avoid any significant damage. For example, a leaking kitchen faucet can damage the cabinet, cause water wastage, promote mold, and more. You will search for quality sink faucets you can buy online and replace the old fixture to prevent all this. But there are some other areas also that need your involvement. It’s about the roof. A house protects you from different elements because of the roofing system, which also determines its longevity.

After kitchen and bathroom, it can be another expensive renovation project.  That’s why you have to keep it safe and secure, at least like other parts of the home. Since the choice of roofing material can have a significant say in its durability, you would want to have prior knowledge about them to keep provision for its repair and replacement when needed.

Composite asphalt shingles

This style of roofing material is typical with 80% of homes. The material consists of organic or fiberglass with asphalt. On one side, it comes with the asphalt layer, and on the exposed side, it contains ceramic granules, quartz, slate, etc. Easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and a fair lifetime make it a good choice. You can call professionals or do it yourself based on your expertise. Once installed, the roof can shelter you and your belongings safely for 15 to 40 years. Of course, the quality of the material and building process can be the ultimate determinant.

If you wish to maintain them well, make sure to invest in high-end shingles and avoid stepping on them. The material cannot tolerate power-washing. So please stay away from it. Also, it would be best if you did not allow moss to grow on the surface. Generally, it costs about USD$5 per sq ft. But it can shoot up depending on labor and other factors. If you live in a 2,000 sq ft house, your roof with a slope will be about 2,200 sq ft. So you can assume its installation cost to go up to USD$11,000 or more.

Even a minor crack or dated feature can get your urgent attention, and you may try to fix it with some help from professional like a masonry tuckpointing in Washington DC if you are just nearby.

Wood shingles

In this roofing style, you use slender, wedge-style natural wood pieces of cedar or yellow pine. Although it looks stunning, you may have to be extra attentive with its installation. It is not recommendable for DIYers. Another thing you have to be careful about is the risk of fire. Any region with seasonal wildfire risks should avoid this. However, if this is not a concern, you can install this roof to enjoy its warmth and beauty for up to 30 years. Higher life expectancy is achievable in locations with mild weather. If you maintain it properly, you can expect it to be even more long-lived. Make sure you keep it safe from moss. Also, replace damaged shingles on time to avoid major damage.

Since wood shingles are an expensive investment, you will want to have such a budget to accommodate them. In general, they cost about USD $6.50 to USD $11.00 for each sq ft. A 2,000 sq ft house and a 2,200 sloped roof may require an investment of USD $19,800 if you get the wood shingle for USD $9 per sq ft.

Clay or cement tile

These roofing materials stand out for their durability and strength. Traditional roofing tiles were mainly terracotta clay. However, you get the modern variation in fired clay or ceramic tiles and concrete tiles. Overlapping layers of the tiles form the roof surface. With them, you have to get the correct framing to support their weight. That’s why it is also a professional home improvement project. An adequately maintained clay tile roof can run for ten decades. While decay and erosion are not the problems, you have to be careful about cracking risks.  Walking on them may not be a good idea even if you have to clean the roof.

Concrete, ceramic, and clay terracotta prices vastly vary. While concrete can be $10 per sq ft, ceramic tile may cost $20 to $30 per sq ft. Terra cotta’s pricing can hover from $15 to $20.


It is a stone-like roofing material obtained from roofer northampton. Their flat slabs make them ideal for the roof covering. However, it also requires craftsmanship for installation. Slate tends to be expensive than others, but you can depend on its durability more. You can expect it to protect your house for your whole life. Mostly, luxurious homes opt for this choice, though. If you want this roofing material to give you company for a long time, you would like to replace broken pieces immediately. Also, correct installation of the copper flashings is crucial. When these start looking black, you have to change them. The installation cost of the slate roofing can vary from $10 to $75 per sq ft.

Many homeowners neglect this even during facelifting their houses unless they notice something terrible. You can avoid this mistake. Regular cleaning and maintenance is one thing. You can also keep an eye on their health and get a timely repair to prevent unwanted expenses. If you don’t fix this on time, issues like leakage can destroy the home’s interiors and exteriors. No matter how beautiful a kitchen or bathroom you build, everything will get ruined. And if you allow the problem to linger, the whole structure can be at risk. When you hire someone for your kitchen upgrade, you can talk to them about roofing also. Some agencies offer comprehensive services. So, it can be helpful.

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