October 27, 2022

Having any commercial, that is, business space painted is termed as “commercial painting.” While this is quite a narrow definition, commercial painting mainly varies as per the size and scale of the project. For instance, painting a small restaurant might not be considered a commercial painting. On the other hand, painting a whole new industrial building can be considered a commercial painting. A commercial painting company in California offers a different set of skilled painters than a residential painting company. Also, the materials and techniques used in painting a commercial building are different from those used in residential painting.

Read below to get an idea of the difference between commercial painting and residential painting.

Commercial painting vs. residential painting: What’s the difference?

There is a common misconception that both kinds of painting jobs are conducted by the same set of professionals, while the truth is that commercial painting is very different from residential painting. A painter who has the skills to paint a residential building might not be able to paint a commercial building effectively. Here’s what differentiates commercial painting from residential painting.

·         Project size

A commercial painting project is much larger compared to a residential painting project. Warehouse painting is going to take much more manpower compared to residential building painting. Commercial painting requires more extensive planning before the project starts. Residential painting requires 1/4th of the manpower and much less paint compared to commercial painting.

However, painting a whole residential complex might not fall under residential painting due to the scale and complexity of the project, though the aesthetics of residential painting need to be kept intact.

·         Scheduling

As mentioned above, planning and scheduling a commercial project needs to be more extensive and well-planned. For instance, when a homeowner hires a professional painter for painting a house, he is ready to go in or out of the house as per the instructions from the painters since it’s just a matter of a few hours or a few days. But painting a commercial building such as a factory or industrial building requires more time. Naturally, it’s not possible to stop the daily production of a factory to finish the painting project. In that case, a professional commercial painting company in California will have to work under tight schedules, sometimes even after standard business hours, to complete the project on time.

·         Painting type & equipment

When it comes to painting a residential building or the interior of a house, the painter is more concerned about the colors and shades of paint used to match the overall look. While in commercial painting, the painter gives less focus on the colors or shade mix and focuses more on the durability of the paint. A commercial painter requires more knowledge about painting since commercial painting involves working with different materials. Commercial painters need to have the skills to work with materials such as concrete, wood, metal, reinforced plastic, etc., and make sure that the paint sits on properly.


In every fashion, commercial painting is way different from residential painting. A commercial painting company in California has the right skills to deal with complex projects and keeps no stone unturned to take the challenges and complete the project on time.


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