July 24, 2022

Summer arrives and the idea of the sun warming up the environment makes you think about taking a refreshing dip, or you think about inviting your family and friends to share an incredible day in your pool, but you are not sure how to proceed to keep it impeccable. Here you can find a guide to maintain your pool during the summer.

You should keep in mind that both the pool shell and the pool water must be treated in order to achieve complete safety, for this a series of quality products offered by yokando can help you. Let’s get started!

It’s the first impression that counts

Removing the pool cover can be a bit of a surprise, you might encounter certain unwanted visitors such as algae or fungi or you simply find the water cloudy enough that you can’t see the bottom. If this is your case, the use of a flocculant is mandatory, we recommend the ASTRALPOOL natural liquid flocculant 1 liter, which will make the general cleaning of the water easier.

Don’t forget the edges!

The high content of salts and fats in the water of a swimming pool can lead to their accumulation at the edges of the pool, giving a dirty appearance and being an excellent medium for the development of some potentially dangerous bacteria. To avoid this, the use of a descaler is the best option, yokando offers an excellent range of products such as gelamin 5 liters ASTRALPOOL descaling gel cleaner or liquid degreaser 5 liters ASTRALPOOL, which fulfill this purpose.

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Disinfection and pH go hand in hand

This is the critical point in the maintenance of a swimming pool, since we need the water to be clean and at the same time not to damage the skin of the users. Therefore, a balance in the concentration of disinfectant and a correct pH play an important role. The study published by Salter & Langhus, 2007, shows that a pH of less than 7.5 and a concentration of 1 to 3 ppm of chlorine are safe parameters.

In this case, we recommend using a pH and chlorine concentration meter such as the ASTRALPOOl blue box chlorine bromine pH comparator. In the event that the parameters are altered (normally the pH is elevated), you can use the ASTRALPOOL 10 liter liquid pH Minorifier. With this you will have the security that your pool is in optimal conditions.

Keep your pool clean

Continuous cleaning is of utmost importance, especially after use of your pool, in order to keep the water in the best possible condition for longer. For an exceptional surface cleaning, the ASTRALPOOL plastic bag leaf catcher with fixed handle will be perfect, and to make sure that all possible particles are removed from the water, a ZODIAC T3 automatic hydraulic pool cleaner will be the best ally for this mission.

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Following these tips, your pool will be impeccable. Now let’s enjoy the summer!

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