October 19, 2021

If you’re like most people who own a body pillow, chances are, you should wash it more often than necessary. This is because you should always keep your pillows dry and fresh. You don’t want to have an allergy attack without being able to do anything about it! But how does one maintain the health of their pillows?

1. Washing them

The first step is washing your pillows. How to wash a body pillow? Check your manufacturer’s instructions. Whether you wash them at home or have them laundered, it’s best to get them clean. By washing your pillows at least once a week, you can ensure that your sheets are clean and fresh for the next person to sleep on them. It’s also helpful to wash at least once a month because it helps keep mold down, which can potentially cause problems with breathing if left unchecked.

Exactly how often should you wash your pillowcases? Most people will likely want to wash their pillowcases more frequently than their own bedding.

2. Cleaning and dusting

If you’re like most people, once you wash your pillows and then dry them, you’re almost done. But not quite! There’s still one more thing you should do.

Rubbing alcohol kills germs and kills mold. When dust mites are killed by rubbing alcohol, they are literally disintegrated. When this happens, they are no longer there to cause allergies in the first place. Most people don’t use rubbing alcohol enough to kill all of their dust mites because it’s too expensive for daily use. However, there are several cheaper alternatives that can be used instead on a more regular basis.

3. Using a vacuum

Vacuuming is a great way to keep your pillows clean. It’s especially helpful if you have allergies or want to prevent them from developing in the future. All you need to do is vacuum your pillows once a week and you’re good to go! In the meantime, make sure that you’re vacuuming as often as necessary as it can be an effective way of keeping your house clean for everyone in it.

4. Using a pillow protector

Pillow protectors (or cases) are another fantastic way of keeping your pillow clean. It’s particularly helpful if you have children or pets that are prone to chew on pillows. To use a pillow protector, simply place one on your pillow before turning it down at night so it doesn’t get too dirty.

5. Storing them properly

Storing is one of the most important parts of maintaining your pillows, especially if you’re going to store them away for months at a time or longer. There are a few different ways to store your pillows, and some of them can be more effective than others.

If you wish to store your mattress and pillow together, you will need to remove the covering and wash it thoroughly. Use detergent and warm water and then rinse thoroughly before drying in a laundry basket with towels on it.

You can also try putting them on a pillow cover when storing them. This is when they’re in their best condition, so they shouldn’t need any cleaning afterwards either! Putting pillow covers on your pillows will not only add a nice look but they’ll also keep dust mites from getting inside.

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