January 20, 2022

Every landlord and property owner wants a tenant that not only pays on time every time but also takes care of the property as if it were his very own.  Such great people respect their neighborhood and their homes and get in touch with the actual owners in case there is anything that needs rectification. They are more like family members than anything else. All property owners are interested in tenants like that. If you are fortunate enough to get such great tenants, you would never want them to leave. Let us take a quick look at just how you can go about finding these great people and ensuring they stay for a long time indeed.

  • Address all maintenance issues and concerns as quickly as possible

Ultimately, the key to a successful proprietor and tenant relationship is to keep everyone happy. If you want your tenants to stick around it is very important that you ensure that all of their issues are resolved as quickly as possible. This holds particularly true if you want them to extend their lease. If you are proactive enough with regard to your duties as a property owner, they might never want to leave.

It is very simple really. From the tenant’s point of view, there are very few things that are more frustrating than maintenance requests that continue to remain unaddressed. Here, it is your responsibility to show them that you really are interested in giving them a home, not just a stopgap measure they can rent until they find something better. Consider working with professionals in home remodeling so that you will get professional advice on what needs to be done. This way, your tenants will be satisfied with your effort and dedication to your rental property.

  • Have the premises deep cleaned
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There are several incentives you can use when it is lease renewal and extension time.  From power washing the external portions of the house to deep cleaning the carpets courtesy of a professional cleaning outfit to oven cleaning services. This way, they will see that not only do you take care of your property but try to make them feel special as well. After all, when they see you taking care of the property they live in; they would want to do the same as well. In both cases, your property is properly maintained and its life is increased. A win-win situation for everyone concerned.

  • Be a great landlord

Many property owners tend to underestimate the human factor when they rent out their respective properties. If you treat them as if they are all part of the same extended family, they will respect you for it and will actually ‘see’ themselves as your family too. If you are a warm, loving, and friendly person, your renters will treat you accordingly and pay their rents in a timely manner. Conversely, if you are remote, aloof, and unapproachable, they might behave the same way too.

  • Understand and know exactly what they want

High-speed internet, beautiful outdoor space, a brand new deck, open floor plans. There are trends in everything including houses and other residences. It is important to know what today’s tenant is looking for when they want to rent a place. If you give them what they want, they would have no reason to leave.

  • Encourage longer lease terms
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Always try to go for longer lease terms viz-a-viz longer ones. If it is a six-month lease, try to get it extended to one year. If it is for one year – suggest two years. You may lower the average monthly rent to sweeten the deal. This way, both you and your tenants will be sure about their role in the grand scheme of things. They won’t have to worry about looking for a new place every few months and you won’t have to worry about looking for fresh tenants.

  • Hire a property management company

You should also consider working together with a property management company. These true blue professionals will help you in maintaining your rental property and updating you with the very latest trends in the property market.

  • Conclusion

If you have great tenants, you should try and make sure that they continue to stay on your property. You can offer them incentives such as lower long-term lease rates. You may also get your properties regularly power washed and deep cleaned as well.


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