grey living room
March 10, 2021

Do you have a grey living room and want to make it attractive and appealing? If yes, you are at the right place, as this write-up has included maximum inspiring ideas to assist you in your living space decoration. 


The term grey refers to an extensive array of colours that are truly not greys but have the colours that build distinguished cool or warm undertones. As per the explanation, having a grey living space doesn’t mean that you have a truly grey coloured living room. It could have shades of grey or the tone temperature similar to grey colour. Here are some ideas to adorn your grey living room


Append depth with several different shades 

In order to make your grey living room appealing and attractive, You should use an extensive assortment of greys. Go with a warmer and lighter grey to paint your living room walls. Further, you can opt for layering darker saturation with stylish furniture pieces and a painted fireplace. By the use of the same colour of several different tones, you can have a calming and cohesive feeling in your living room. You can go with dark and soft grey charcoals with a layer of natural greens that help a space to have a sense of nature. 


Resound natural grey shades 

You should let the natural stone colour inspire your choices of grey colours. For this, you can use a few paint samples on a card piece and hold it against the wall of your living room to get the needed help in the determination of the right pair for the natural wall warmth. Use darker accents on your furniture pieces to offset the light grey. 


Go with dark brooding shades to create a wow feeling 

In recent years, no interior design trends have engagement as well as the dark one. With the rise in confidence in colour, you (homeowners) have been searching for bold colour choices to show off your true personalities. You can go with a striking black charcoal grey, if you are looking for an appealing look in your living space whether it is bigger, wider, or smaller. 


Use bright wall art pieces to warm up your walls 

If your living space is grey from the floor to the ceiling, it is the most suitable canvas for the implementation of bright wall display ideas. You can opt for installing a few wall paintings or photo frames. Go with swapping attractive wall stickers if you wish to change your wall art frequently as the weather changes. Further, opt for placing a geometric mat and putty, blue coloured patterned cushions for your cosy living room. 


Have calming vibes with natural plants 

As per study findings, cool grey shades bring a calming effect in an enclosed space. By adding natural foliage, you can improve the calming effect. In this regard, you can opt for placing a few inhouse plants with a layer of the cool grey in the background in your living space.


Keep grey advanced and understated 

Occasionally, understated grey leaves a greater impact, especially when you pair it with bold furnishing and furniture pieces. Your light grey coloured wall works as a blank canvas without being stark somewhat white.


Reflect the things placed inside 

The reflection in a space makes it look appealing, attractive, and spacious. And when it comes to creating a reflection, no product except decorative wall mirrors is the best option. You need to be more careful during the installation. Think of installing a mirror at the place that could allow it to get the right light during the day and night. Further, you should install it in front of the living room part that you usually love to get reflected. The right reflection will facilitate you to get what you expect. 


Paint your living room walls from the floor to the ceiling with a single paint 

For a better appealing and attractive feeling, you should go with the layer of a single coloured paint from the floor to the ceiling of your living space. Go up from the down or come down from the up (ceiling) to create a statement feeling. 


Use the respective wall sticker to update your grey living space 

You can use grey wallpapers or stickers to upgrade the background of your living room and give a classy look. In your purchase, you can go with upholstery and cushions in soft linens, opulent weaves, and plus damasks. 



When it comes to making your grey living room look attractive and appealing, you can come across numerous options and choices. It is up to you whether you use the steps mentioned above or go with a new one that you can find more suitable for decorating your living space.


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