February 1, 2022

Selling your home in Washington isn’t a walk in the park. While you might want to create an ad listing about your property, it might not gather enough potential buyers for several reasons. You could see your ad listing catching dust and gathering no attention at all.

One of the first things that people look for when searching for a new home is the house’s physical appearance. If you’re in the Greater Vancouver area, you could even consult with a Coquitlam realtor. They could advise you on sale strategies and how to prepare and design your property before selling. Moreover, below are some tips on preparing your home for a quick sale.

Declutter The Entire Home

You should begin by decluttering as potential buyers might see your personal items as part of a mess and not something that would benefit them. If you’re still living inside the property, decluttering would help them to imagine the place to be theirs rather than yours. With that, you should try to make your home look standard, yet homey for everyone.

Before selling your home, you should keep it neat and presentable to your potential clients. You could start by decluttering everything that doesn’t have a purpose in your home. If you’re having difficulty letting them go, you should consider renting a storage room. This will help you keep your things without causing an eyesore into your property.

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Use Staging Furniture

While selling a home bare will help make the room look and feel larger, staging your home will allow clients to see your property’s full potential. It would also make them highly consider purchasing the house as it feels comfortable, luxurious, and beautiful. If it’s within your budget, you might want to consider hiring a professional stager to do the interior decorating for you. Apart from lighting your workload, they can help to bring out your home’s maximum potential.

As you clear out your entire home, you can begin by renting furniture for your house staging. You should start by deciding what kind of theme you’re going for. However, you must go with a traditional and standard theme as going for extreme art deco might not attract too many buyers. Just ensure that you rent out pieces that are appropriate for the room size and match the colors of the wall.

Repaint Walls

Over time of prolonged use, your walls’ paint might chip and may not be in its best condition. While it might seem to be a minor factor, repainting your walls will help to make the room look fresher and brand new. It will be a small process that can help to lift the room and attract more home buyers.

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When repainting the walls, you must choose neutral and not too experimental colors. You can go for white, off-white, and light gray. While going for bright colors such as pink and yellow might sound fun, you may want to keep them in a lighter shade so it won’t be too loud for the people’s eyes.

Add Decorative Touches

Some might think that adding standard furniture such as a sofa, dining set, and bed would suffice so the homebuyers can see how much space there would be once there’s full of livable furniture inside. While those can work, it would be helpful if you could maximize your home’s potential by adding decorative touches such as decors, rugs, and plants.

When adding decorations inside your property, it might be best not to attach anything to the walls, including mirrors and frames. However, bathroom mirrors can be standard in the house package, which in this case, you must install immediately. To add more depth and definition to the room, adding faux plants, rug, and decoration shelves would be helpful. Just ensure that you go light and not too dramatic with the added items.

Repair Any Damages

No one wants to purchase a home that will require plenty of repairs once they move in. Even with the smallest repairs, people would still opt to buy a move-in-ready home. This will help them settle immediately without worrying about their safety and sudden inconvenience inside their home.

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You can repair any obvious damages inside your home, such as holes, chipped paint, plumbing, and electrical systems. For safety and efficiency, it would be helpful to hire a professional to do all of the repairs for you. However, if there are light projects that you can accomplish, put on your working hat and practice safety at all times.

Improve Curb Appeal

Apart from your home’s interior design, your home’s exterior plays an important role in a homebuyer’s decision as well. No matter how beautiful your property is on the inside, if the exterior looks old and plain, you might not attract the many buyers as you’d hope to.

As you improve your home’s curb appeal, you can choose to repaint or add features to your front yard and porch. You can add some water features such as a small fountain or a small pond. For best results, you should add a small garden that could help to emphasize the beauty of nature on your property. However, ensure that you use low-maintenance plants as homebuyers also consider the care needed for the plants.

Get Baking While Keeping House Clean

The smell of freshly baked bread or cookies will make most people’s mouths water. These good smells can enhance potential buyers’ moods. With that in mind, baking cookies or a loaf of bread won’t hurt. You can also offer them to potential buyers. This will make your home memorable – you will leave a good impression on them.

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Moreover, you should never skip cleaning your home every day, even if no one is around. This will help maintain the condition of your home to keep it neat and sparkly. As you vacuum and wipe the entire house, don’t forget to clean any visible light bulbs as they could accumulate dust over time.


The Verdict

Your home’s physical appearance plays an important role in how you can sell your property. The most presentable usually wins the competition. With that, you should stage your home to be homey, comfortable, and beautiful both inside and out. While it might be additional work, it’ll help to guarantee a sale.

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