May 22, 2021

If you just began working from home, you can set up a home office to get a conducive environment that encourages focus. Having a special space you can work in at home will help you maintain a schedule. One of the challenges when working with home office ideas is finding the right place to set up the office. The office should be more than just strong WiFi and a spot on your couch. 

You can emulate co-working space vibes or set up something that does not remind you you’re working from home. The office should be conducive and help you get work done. It’s a place that should make you feel inspired, motivated, and focused. If you’re ready to explore the idea of working from home, here is a comprehensive guide on setting up a space that will inspire you to complete your projects without interruptions. 

Identify the Ideal Workspace 

While designing a home office for remote work, you want to find the best space for an office in your home. The spot you pick can diminish your plans. Choose your bedroom and you’ll be staring down at the desk when trying to get to sleep. Move to the dining room or kitchen and snack time becomes a recurring loop. A well-placed home office creates an environment that’s conducive and helps you achieve success working on your projects. 

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  • Office in a Spare Room:

    One of the best places for a home office setup is in a spare room, which should isolate you from the rest of the home. Also, you want to shut the door at the end of the day and “go home”, leaving the office behind. If you have a spare room, it’s preferable if it’s not used for any other purpose, so a guest room may not be ideal. 

  • Outdoor Home Office:

    Another option would be to set up your home office workstation outdoors. A summer shed or house in the backyard could do if you know how to customize the space. If you love DIY, you could work on the project yourself, but there are companies that supply purpose-built home offices that you can also convert to summer houses. 

  • A Creatively-Located Home Office:

    For people who don’t have garage space or a backyard, there are many ideas one could explore to use the available space. Find a location where you’ll not be interrupted. You need a space with less traffic and a bit isolated from the noises coming from the living room and other areas of your home. 

Home Office Equipment 

To organize a home office for remote work, you need equipment and tools. Here are the must-have materials you should get to set up a conducive working environment. 

  • One or Two PCs or Laptops 

You need a computer to effectively complete your projects in the home office. If you did not bring your computer home, a laptop would be a good option. One or two PCs or laptops will be great. Also, ensure the computer is in good condition and can handle the programs you’ll need to run. 

  1. Desk and Chair 

Next, you need modern home office furniture, mainly a good desk and chair. You can find home office furniture sets designed to match your ideal home office. The desk should provide enough space for all your accessories and other office necessities. You can also add a desk mounted wireless charger which will make the desk free from unnessary wires. Also a good desk should provide clearance for your legs. Height of 29 – 30 inches from the desk surface to the floor is ideal for most users.

When seated behind the desk, it should provide at least 3.5 feet of space. As for the chair, find one with an adjustable height. An ergonomic that can extend upwards and downwards is ideal. Also, a chair with an adjustable armrest will help you place your arms comfortably. Check for things like lumbar support and seat dimensions to ensure the chair provides the perfect seating to enable you to work comfortably. After long workdays, you can use the best handheld massager to relax your muscles. 

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Noise can create a distraction while working from home. Home office accessories like noise-canceling headphones will help you isolate noises to create a working environment that allows you to focus. If you require taking meetings from your home office, these headphones can come in handy. They help you cancel out noises from your surroundings to prevent losing your focus.  

  • Laptop Mat or Case

A place mat is ideal as it ensures your laptop does not slide while you’re working. Use a laptop case with a soft base for your laptop. While not using the case on the table, you can use it to transport your laptop if you want to take a break occasionally and work from a café. 

Home Office Shelving 

Setting up home office shelves will help you get storage spots. It’s important to set up a space that’s functional and inspiring to keep you productive. Whether you have an entire room or work from a space in your living room, having good storage solutions will keep your home office tidy and organized. 

A good idea would be to build an adaptable storage wall with brackets and floor-to-ceiling supports. Explore open storage systems, which give you shelves of different depth and allow you to add drawers for stationery. You can also use a variety of home office storage, including shelves for books and files, drawers for pens, etc. 

Home Office Lighting 

Among home office organization ideas you need to consider include lighting, which can increase productivity. Poor lighting can dampen your mood, reduce your energy, and trigger eyestrain and headaches, which ultimately impair your ability to perform tasks effectively. 

If natural light is not sufficient, use artificial lights for illumination. Adopt ambient lighting that includes recessed or overhead lights. Keep the lights indirect by ensuring the entire space is illuminated without creating contrast and glare. Also, consider task lighting for focus-intensive tasks.  

If there’s a window that provides natural lighting, keep it open during the day. Sunlight provides warm light that improves your work environment. You can also position the workstation facing the window to get views of the outside, especially if it’s facing the garden or other place with vegetation. 

Home Office Plant 

Adding a living being in your home office elevates your mood and helps to clean the air. Your office does not need to feel stale, as you can add a few functional decorations. A plant nearby clears your head and helps to bring the outdoors into your office. 

home office plants

There are many ideas when it comes to plants ideal for your desk, including spider plant, lemon balm, aloe, snake plant, bamboo palm, and gerbera daisy. 

A Fan for Circulation 

When you work hard and get overheated, you want something that can help you cool down. Working in a hot environment will disrupt you and lower your productivity, so a compact fan is a good element for your home office if you live in an area that gets hot often. A tower fan or a short fan will keep air flowing and allow you to focus. 

Choose Colors Wisely 

Colors like green or blue help you increase efficiency and focus. You can also infuse optimistic energy with yellow. Don’t use bright colors like orange or red as they can be distracting and intense.  


Setting up a home office is about getting the small details right. It includes finding the right spot in your home, away from all the distractions. Ensure you stock your office with essential accessories. Find a comfortable chair and desk and pick the right colors. You can explore décor ideas with a painting that blends well with your office’s theme. Overall, the space should be conducive for work and inspire you into action. 

How do you ensure a conducive work environment for your home office? Leave a comment below. 

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